Bitter Old Vets Small SovNull Alliance Is Recruiting

Welcome to Bitter Old Vets,

We are a brand new Alliance of old veteran Eve players living in SovNull Looking for new member Corps.
The conduct of our business happens primarily in US/AU TZ, We are also looking to expand our TZ list.
We are looking for PVP and Indy corps to join our ranks.
We offer the usual Alliance buyback services and SRP (including SRP for our Indy guys and gals).

The alliance is looking for dedicated hard working corps that are prepared to defend their homes, Have a joke and laugh with friends and are genuinely prepared to make lifelong eve friends.

What we expect:
Participation - We are an IRL first alliance all we ask is if you’re online and stuff is happening you’re there.
Communications - We use Discord for Text chat and Mumble for Voice Comms.
Fun - This should just always happen.
Maturity: There is enough fighting and drama around we don’t need it within the alliance as well.

What we don’t offer:
Block Warfare: No tidi here.
Protection: We are in Sov Null we cannot protect you if you if you want to stay in LowSec or HighSec, This is not the alliance for you.
Drama: We are serious about this one.

If you’re a corp looking to get into SovNull and building an alliance from as close to the start as it gets whilst still having a home we would love to hear from you.

Recruitment Contacts:
Arlina Mekia

Contact Methods:
Eve Mail
OLD Recruitment/Pub (In game channel)

Recruiting is still open with a lot of exciting things happening in the pipeline.

We are still recruiting We have just had a sov defence fleet big things are in play and looking forward to biring new blood into the fun :smiley:

Our ranks are growing and there is still many exciting oportunities opening up to us as we grow.

We are still driving forward securing our home and having a laugh along the way we have kept a seat warm for you :slight_smile:

More battles have been fought our space is still providing content and we still want to share the fun with like minded people wanting to come and tackle sov null :smiley:

IRL gave me a minor kick to the gonads, Recruiting remains open we look forward to hearing from you.

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