BitterVet LF Home

Looking for PVP Corp and Alliance
No Krab Blocs
Not interested in your shitter copy and paste corp ad
Not interested in 2 man corps
No Goons or Allied goon alliances/etc
Mid to Late USTZ. Atleast 10-20 actual people in comms during TZ is preferred

100m SP Main
90m SP Secondary
Super Pilot + 2 Super Hulls
Titan Pilot + Erebus
4 Dreads
Neutral Hunting Pilots
2 Rorqual

Alliances with less than 60 Active PVP Toons need not apply

Hey man you join my corp JREX. We are the type of corp you are looking for within an good sized priate alliance called intergalactic space hobos that you want to be in. We do pvp in low-sec, null-sec, and even do some high-sec merc stuff. We are active from 1700-0630 every day man. Caps fights, dreads, small gang-medium gang, to blops, which I personally like the most. We got space to use your rorquals and have constant pvp content.

I attached my recruitment blurb (which I sum up here) for our in game recruitment channel. I sent you also an eve mail. Easiest way to contact us would be our discord.


You do sound bitter. Not sure what area you looking for but we do I sec pvp wars. 90+ at the moment. The Bloody Bandits. We are a parts of Hell Dawn Alliance. You asked for no copy and paste?..then do the work and look us up.


What timezone do you play in?
We are an EU TZ PVP corp and part of Triumvirate. Very pvp focussed, agressive content generation and top tier FC’s.


(P.S. If you are USTZ lmk and I can put you in contactwith another TRI corp)


If you’re looking for lowsec and npc nullsec pvp check out our corp Filthy Peasants.

Join our public channel Open Filth in game if you’re interested.

Ill take ya!

RezCo is recruiting we are a proud member of Razor Alliance! We have lots of content everyday, daily fleets, experienced FC’s. We are looking for pilots such as yourself to farm salt and collect corpses! WE are an EU/US TZ corp. Here is our recruitment video

If you are interested in chatting join RezCo Public in game or feel free to message me via discord PsaiWi Nenothu#3543

To note: I am also looking for an alliance of experienced PVP’ers. Not F1 monkeys; prefer null. A lot of the comments above are copy and pasted generic ads; like I said I’m not interested in your low effort we’ll recruit you if you can breathe corp.

Also looking for non-drones space.


We’re Six Lions Incorporated, affiliated with Already Replaced. I believe we check a lot of the boxes that you are looking for. I’d recommend you stop by and talk to us here. Even if we are not a fit for you, I’m certain one of our allies are!

In RezCo we are not F1 monkeys. And we do not take just anyone we have standards here in RezCo first you must join Seat and then we will do a voice interview to see if we are the right fit and you for us. We do not live in drone space. We definitely are not goons nor affiliates of goons. We are part of the distinguished Razor Alliance. We are very active on comms both EUTZ and USTZ. RezCo is first and foremost a pvp corp. We do a bit of everything but primarily we are corpse collectors and are always looking for content. Who else doesn’t mind being tackled so we can kill them that means content ;p

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