Black Lotus Foundation. Is Recruiting NOW


Hello EvE pilots!

BLF is a small and growing community of PvP pilots ( we also do other crap, but who doesn’t)

We are looking for people who have all of the following qualities…

Are able to support themselves and their ship losses
Have the skill set to function well as a PvP pilot
Is able to be self entertained, and isn’t co-dependent
Will show up for PvP ops when we have them
Knows how to find things to do during down time
Can and will use TS3 for PvP ops
Are helpful to less experienced players
Are mature, but like to have fun and able to joke around
Must have some common sense and intelligence

We are NOT new pilot friendly. We expect you to have a decent grasp on the basic game mechanics, and you MUST be an OMEGA account with a minimum of 10,000,000 skill points in PVP related skills.

Still Recruiting!

Still recruiting active players.

Recruiting is still open.
Also, must be LGBTQ+ friendly.

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