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Recruitment for Black Omega Security is open

Having been founded back in the digital dark-ages of 2003, Black Omega Security is one of the oldest corps currently active in EVE. In that time we’ve played our part in shaping the various facets of EVE’s history in one way or another, including helping to form Curse Alliance, The 5, Pandemic Legion and Goonswarm (sorry about that one).

I could go on dredging up stories like the old guy at the bar, but to keep this somewhat concise I’ll let you read about them in your own time if you’re interested:
Where we live: - We currently live in drones with Pandemic Horde in 0.0 space.

We are predominately EUTZ but have a good AU and USTZ presence.

What we do: - All Size PvP - Blops - Hotdrops - Gatecamps - Roams - WH Day Trips - Alliance Fleets.

What we expect from you:

  • You need to be an omega pilot and ask that you have some prior experience of PvP and a willingness to learn and improve. We’d also like you to have at least another account or two.
  • Join us on comms with a working mic
  • Preferably a Capital capable pilot

Best way to get hold of us it to come speak with us direct on discord:----> Live Chat24/7
Alternatively join “Open Omega” in game and speak with someone there (who will probably redirect you to discord).

We are a very social corp with regular (non-eve) games nights and even RL meetups from time to time (when there’s not a pandemic), but most of our time is spent typing to kill things and make pretty explosions on the screen. When we fight, we all fight, so we expect you to be active and ready to PVP when in game.

We’re always on the hunt for fresh-faced, wide-eyed FCs (and the odd grizzled veteran) looking to take the next step. Whether you’re an established FC who’s bored of trying to run fleets that no one turns up to, a newer FC tired of being overlooked, or just wish that your fleet would learn to focus fire and your logi would stop repping the primary, we have a place for you!

We pride ourselves on being a professional, but friendly, PVP corporation so we have high standards for our pilots but we’ll lend a helping hand if you aren’t quite there yet and are willing to learn.

We have motivated, eager and experienced players who cross primarily EU and US timezones, a target rich environment and a community to be a part of and help shape.

If any of this sounds interesting to you, come drop by and speak to us in our in-game channel “Open Omega”


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