Black Op Industrial + Military Null Sec Association. Returning player's love us

This place is great if you are a returning player and need sociable people to keep you entertained.

Im just bumping this form to help in recruitment this week. Do stop by are discord and say hello we will try to answer any questions you may have.

Just doing a bump havent done on in awhile if you are returning player hit us up :slight_smile:



Bumping, though we do need more people so stop by lets have a chat!


Bump please come check us all out folks

Bumo come check us out!

Bumping post lets get some more recruites yah!


Come check us out Bump!

bump come check out returning players!


Bump us up baby!

bump baby bump

I wish to bump this we actively recruiting so please stop by are discord!

Recruitment open!

Recruitment open!

Recruitmwnt is open