Black Op Industrial + Military Null Sec Association. Returning player's love us

Covert Agenda - We are Bloodthirsty Black ops dropping Industrialists Looking for pilots to join our ranks!

If your returning to the game and want to join a group of folks who also desire mature leadership check us out. CEO started in 2004 and we have many 100mil + SP members.

We do take newer players and enjoy teaching how to have good times. Only a 30M sp requirement.

Were a tight nit group of players who encourage you to do what you enjoy in eve.

November Update. Member of AARP Alliance. FI.RE Coalition. Join the discord and say hi.

-Stationed in Null Sec!
-Mining/Indy with Many Moons and 1% tax T2 rigged Tatara. (Some of the lowest taxes in Null!)
-Fully Rigged Sotiyo complete with free BPC’s.
-Fully Rigged Azbel for Research and Invention. Full of free BPO’s.
-Black ops fleets.
-Ice is Life. Ice fleets most days. Everything in Eve uses ice.
-PVP/Small fleets/Large fleets (as well as basic training and opportunities to FC)
-Standing fleets always near by
-Buy back programs
-Opportunity to fund a market through industry
-Ship Replacement Programs
-Jump Freighter Service

For the industrialists!!!
All members after 15 days will have access to ALL CORPORATE ASSETS so that any member can participate in industrial or scientific endeavors etc. without the expense and time of assembling their own library. We have an extensive BP library available for manufacturing and reactions

The goal of this corp is to give players maximum access to in game content. We are building a community corp where you’re encouraged to do the activity you enjoy.

US is our largest TZ but we have members from all TZ’s and in Teamspeak fun conversation is going on most of the time. So don’t be shy, we are growing across all time zones.
Join Discord @ Covert Agenda to talk with a director/Recruiter or
Join Channel The Road Home in eve for more information.





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Actively Recruiting! Are you a returning vet? Join a growing corp and alliance within the FI.RE coalition!

“Content" is our focus, whether it be PvP (in the form of Defense Fleets, Gatecamps, Roams), Mining (Corp and Alliance R4 through R64 moons, including ability to have your own private moons), PVE (highest real sec systems in the region and upgraded systems for top-tier PVE sites), or Industry (We own the full suite of build stations from reactions to components to T2 and all the way to Titans and T2 Reprocessing/Refining) we have it all. Also, although we encourage participation in home defense, there are no minimum PvP requirements during peacetime.

Might as well be next to Jita. We have an in-corp freight service that is typically next-day and the AARP alliance also has a freight service as a backup if backlogged. If you are in or near a major hub like Jita we can get your stuff here very quickly, and get your goods to market easily and quickly.

As a returning player with a need to balance real life and gaming time, it doesn’t get better than this corp IMHO.

Visit us on discord to learn more:

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