Black Wolf Arms (.MEN.) is looking for YOU!

About us:
BWA is a corp formed by best friends, run by good friends, and ready to take on others that want to become a part of our community. We have all been flying with each other for years, because of that there is a lot of trust between us. We do care about our effectiveness in fleets and in all forms of PvP, and we try and be the swiss army knife flying a variety of hulls (leet dudes or something like that).

Where we Operate:
We tend to operate out of both low and null sec, and there is almost always content available. And are currently based out of Siseide in the Heimatar region. We run everything from small gangs, all the way up to those action packed high octane, nail biting, TiDi fights.

Skill Requirements:
As it pertains to character skills, we are looking for at least 40 mil skill point allocated in a somewhat sensible way. This is a flexible number, and we are open to taking on newer pilots (within reason) and look forward to the possibility of molding you into our finely tuned little killing machines.

Time Zone:
We operate primarily out of the USTZ.

(Ignore our Canadian members)

Remember you are welcome to FC fleets! if you are new to the region or are unsure about something feel free to ask. for planned fleets contact myself or one of the other FC’s and they will help you make a post.

If you have any questions feel free you ask us any time, you can send any of the members listed below mails in game or you can join our public channel (BWA & Associates) We look forward to flying with you!

bghblue (CEO)
Ryan S Lennelluc (Director)
Jakeopherr (Director)
Vishnu258 (Director)[]

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