⭐ [BFS.] [USTZ] Join a Fun, Friendly+Salty Corp in Null and UP YOUR GAME

The Black Fang Syndicate is a PvP-focused corp based in nullsec. We have veteran players with expertise in all the major Eve activities: PvP, PvE, Industry/Mining - you get the point. Wherever you are at in your gameplay, we have someone who will be able to help you reach your next goals. We like to get into brawls, stir up trouble, and generally just have fun flying together.

We are looking for active players in US timezones who enjoy the camaraderie of belonging to a corp of skilled players. Most of us are US/EST.


  • Tight-knit group of folks who enjoy helping each other out and be better at the game
  • Strong corp buyback program, earn some ISKies without having to play the market
  • Very active on comms and discord
  • Lots of training opportunities
  • Security of belonging to a large, active alliance
  • Leadership opportunities for experienced players


  • Your character is at least 2 months old
  • Minimum of 5M skillpoints on your main character
  • You can fit a ship with a Covert Ops Cloak II
  • You are willing to move all your characters (main + all alts) to our corp
  • You are ready+willing to live in nullsec
  • Multiboxers go to the top of our list
  • You are here to have fun
  • You jump into comms/fleet when you’re online
  • You enjoy tasting the salt from the tears of our enemies

Interested? Hop into our Discord and say Hi. Our recruiters are standing by.


As CEO, I second this. Great group of people to fly with!

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Don’t be shy! Join our Discord and say Hi!

Be sure to join our discord server to learn more about The Black Fang Syndicate!

We are still recruiting!! Here is an updated discord link:

Come say hi! We are recruiting and their are tears to be had!

jumped into there recruitment chat and seemd like alright dudes

good group of ppl kind of a sausage fest though

Bored with your corp? Tired of staring at rocks? Check us out - our discord is always open https://discord.gg/aKscywXFdV

Want to join a fun corp? Come say hi. Nullsec is fun and you’ll be among friends!

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