New NPC Nullsec Corporation Looking for New Members

The Black Fang Syndicate is currently recruiting any pilot who is interested in living in NPC null. We are a small null sec PVP-focused corporation. We are new pilot friendly and have no SP requirement.

While I am not opposed to growth and development, I do not have goals of becoming a huge mega-corporation. I enjoy the personable aspects that small to medium sized corporations have and having a large corporation would not allow me to get to know my members as well.

We are a member of Dark Side of the Eclipse alliance. The alliance we are in has similar values to our own.

What we offer

  • As we are a new corporation, there is plenty of room for upward growth.
  • A tight-knit group experience.
  • Free PI command centers
  • Moons
  • No CTA’s. Real life comes first.
  • Small gangs.
  • A member of an alliance.
  • Discord server with comms.

What we require

  • Though we do not have a hard requirement, we would like everyone to take part in PVP ops periodically.
  • Have access to discord voice, as well as Teamspeak 3 for alliance comms
  • Be active and participate in group conversations when able.
  • Be able to understand and speak english to a reasonable extent.

Our corporation is active during evening and night time in US time zones, but we are welcoming of pilots from anywhere in the world. Join our discord channel so we can answer any questions you might have for us!

In-Game- BFS. Recruitment

We are still recruiting!

Hi there claymore…

I just read your post and what your are doing is more or less the same thing we are doing in venal.

If you can consider joining our alliance and work together it would be awesome.

We are part of a small pvp alliance called winmatar.

If anything just let me know and I’ll join your discord for a talk.

If not interested a guess there is nothing wrong with a free bump to the top;)


Hi Prim

Thank you for your offer, however we are already part of an alliance. Wish you the best!


I understand it can be undesirable to join a new and small corporation, but if you try it I can promise you that we will impress you! We are currently needing Miners, Manufacturers, and PVP Pilots. Join now and let’s make BFS. a great corporation together!

We are still recruiting! Come join us and be part of something great!

We have a new website!

our website

Check it out! and be sure to join our discord channel as well!

Closing at the request of the OP as they is already a recruitment thread on this.

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