NPC Null Micro/Small Gang Corp

Space Swagger Industries is recruiting!

We are currently operating out of NPC null sec in Syndicate and are looking for players interested in micro/small gang pvp in the US time zone . As we are a small entity, we are looking for pilots who are self sufficient but we are willing to help new pilots find their way as well.

If you like fighting outnumbered, getting dropped on constantly and occasionally winning, there is no better place to do it.

Contact Lordshazbot or Astronavis with your queries.

Wasup LordShaz,
I figured I see if you were interested in an alliance has a ton of PvP and fresh content; our space is in Tenerifis. Keep your own identity and goals, we are only looking for like minded bro’s who want to have a good time.

If you have time to chat: (Wormageddon)

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