BFS is still recruiting! We are accepting of a wide range of skill levels. Hop in our discord and talk with us!

We are ready to help train new pilots! Want to learn to make isk and PvP? Hop in our discord and reach out!

Recruitment is still going! Hop in our discord and chat with us!

New? Returning? Want a new experience? Join BFS!

Great group of guys to fly with!

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Want to get in on some of these kills? Hop in discord and talk to us!

Looking for a group of people to fly with? Come hop in our discord and say hi!

Great USTZ fight last night. Even with the TiDi

BFS is still recruiting! We are seeking pilots of any skill level (omega preferable).

New to EVE? Hop in our discord. We are happy to train newbros!

BFS is still recruiting! Hop in our discord server!

Good group of pilots with a wide range of expertise, if you are new to the game or have been flying in New Eden for years this corporation has a spot for you.

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BFS is still recruiting. A lot of experience in our leadership team. New or vet, join our discord and talk with us!

BFS still recruiting. Come fly with people who have been around New Eden for 10+ years. If you are a new pilot we welcome you, or if you have been around for as long as we have, we would love to have you fly with us!

Want to take part in some heart-racing PvP content? Join us and lets fly together!

Always something to do when flying with BFS!

We are out here mining the salt! join us!

Recruitment is still open at BFS! Hop in discord and chat with us!

Join BFS and hop in on these kill mails!