Blackops and Support Corps Formation: Galloglas [GALLG] and [GA-LO]


Our Goal
Most corporations have ambitions of large numbers who can control wide expanses of space. Many of our members come from corporations or alliances that have held this as a value, but have decided that their game time is more enjoyable to be able to operate and succeed in multiple facets of the game and in whatever region seems enjoyable. We have opted to give up the aspirations of those groups with a higher ambition to player a more limited, but fun style of game and become more versatile. To do this we have planned two separate corporations that can work together while staying independent of their roles. This also allows players who enjoy this same style of game play but require training and practice time to still join and participate at a level within EVE that is different than the usual expectations of larger corporations.

Both the Galloglas and Galloglas Industries corporations have been created to capitalize on the experiences and creative thinking of all members that join. We are looking for players who can see a vision, and work with others in finding unique and interesting ways of making it happen. There are no limits, and all aspects of the game can be considered at anytime.

If this looks interesting to you as a player, please feel free to contact one of the players below:
Galloglas: Tor Manx
Galloglas Industries: Rickyboby or jetta394

Players who are part of the Galloglas Corp should be willing and able to participate in Black Ops operations in game. To do this, players must be able to fill a role and move with the group. While not all fighting will involve Black Ops ships, we hold this as a requirement in order to ensure that players with similar interests are able to come together and play the game in a common way. It should be noted that players don’t require a full compliment of Black Op’s and support skills. But players in the corporation should always apply some of the skill advancement of their characters towards this.

Base Requirements (Not all are required)

  • One or more of these ship setups
  • Covert Ops with a covert cyno qualification
  • Force Recon with a covert cyno qualification
  • Stealth Bomber with a covert cyno qualification
  • Black Ops Battleship qualification
  • Ability to communicate through Discord

Galloglas Industries

Every good pvp group needs players who have an interest in supporting the corpo ration’s growth. They also require members who have an interest in fighting but require some training in order to achieve it comfortably. Galloglas Industries exists to fill both of those roles for the group. While most production groups push towards capital production, we are hoping to have our industry corporation to train towards the production of Black Ops ships and their support ships and components. Our eventual goal is to have a fully self sufficient group that can build and deploy what we need in order to participate in deployments to wherever we might go. If any players finds different skills that could be useful their input is always welcome.

Base Requirements (Not all are required)

  • Interest and skills for mining
  • Interest and skills for production
  • Interest and skills for trade and markets
  • Skills for ships required to support the players interests
  • The ability to participate in combat when things become interesting
  • Ability to communicate through Discord

Timezones: While mostly a US/CDN Timezone Corporation, we are trying to bring on players that represent all timezones.
Our Website: The Galloglas Corporations

Still recruiting pilots for the two corps.

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