Galloglas Industries [GA-LO] Recruiting for Wormholes and 0.0

I am forming a small 0.0 pvp and industry corporation for Null and Wormhole adventures.

My goal with this corporation is to build it upon the interests of the members. So if you would like to take part in the forming of a corporation with an already strong foothold in 0.0, please contact Val Demon or Tor Manx in game.

What we can offer:
An existing foothold in a wealthy 0.0 area of space
A group of very talented and experienced friends to fight and play alongside
Home systems with excellent pvp opportunites, but no requirements to hold sov
Strong (goal-driven) planning with an experienced Corporation and Alliance leader

What we are looking for:
Strong pvp candidates with experience in FC’ing fleets
Players with an interest in fighting the smart battles and winning
Players with an interest in accumulating wealth, and deploying it in fight situations

As I stated earlier; this is a very early stage of creation for a corporation with intents to grow slowly. It is a great opportunity to join and help determine the path the group will take in the future.

Our current Corp structure is to hold one corp for Blop pure pvp activities, and another to allow for pvp/industry style players.

Fly Safe!

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