Galloglass Inc - Nullsec , EUTZ , No Stress

Galloglass Inc aka [Gaels] are looking for EUTZ players to fill out our ranks

The following opportunities will be available to you.

  • Mining [ Belt’s , Anomalies , Moons ]
  • Industry [ Research , Manufacturing , Reactions ]
  • PvE [ Anomalies ]
  • Exploration [ Relic, Data, Combat ]
  • PvP [ Regular Sov related fleets , Regular skirmish fleets , solo opportunities ]


  • Discord - For corp and alliance
  • Mumble - For coalition

What we’re looking for are active players who are looking for a taste of null-sec with as little stress as possible, Industry pilots, miners, pve ratters, explorers all are welcome, players will be expected to try and assist their fellow corp and alliance members where possible, be friendly to each other and follow the rules set out by Gaels, the Alliance were in and the Coalition.

We live in Sov Nullsec as part of a Sov Holding alliance called [Central Omni Galactic Group] the region we live in is called Providence and it operates under an N.R.D.S rule set, this means Not Red Dont Shoot, and in essence means we will only engage people in our local or in the region that fail our out of game KOS checker, or who are actively set to negative standings.

If your interested or want to know more you can find us in game in Gaels.Pub , or your reply here, or you can just fill out our application form, if your an Omega you will be asked to select a corp, Pick Galloglass Inc, if your an Alpha you wont get asked please state when asked where you heard about cogg that you heard in the Gaels forum post.

Apply HERE

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