Given that people are just now returning to the game after the disastrous BLACKOUT, why would you go there again?

Where does it say this?

November patch notes

Please explain more, disastrous how?

??? What are you talking about?

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Yeah, what in the actual?

small corps and allilances didn’t have the resources to turtle up like the mega alliances. So people drifted away to HS or out of game after losing ships to lazy PVP types that could swoop in unseen (no cloak needed) kill and run. really elite stuff. Left a bad taste , so people stipped playing. it gave all the advantages to the hunters. Then the hunters whined because people didn’t undock. it was a downward spiral .

yet… they want to do it again. boggles the mind

Where do you see the blackout is returning. Post proof. Someone posted the November notes and it didn’t show anything onnit

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try reading the NULL sec notes at the side panel , or watch the SCOPE video. it talks about the pressure on the grid and the need to drop comms again as a result.

They who?

I’ve been doing nothing but losing money for months but I am not complaining it’s actually pretty great, BLACKOUT was worth it in the end I think.

Nullsec is for big boys who pull their ■■■■ -ing pants on, it’s all good.

They released the november patch notes, for a patch which has just happened. It’s not the only patch which is happening in November.

If you go and look at the other patch notes, you’ll find they’re updated in much the same way.

Unless you’d prefer them just not to mention little changes like this?

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I’d prefer them to always mention little changes, no matter how insignificant they think they are. It sucks being taken by surprise for seemingly no reason at all but I guess CCP does have their reasons when they change stuff they won’t mention nor why.

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That Scope video seems to be from July

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I sue hope that is the case

It… Is…???

i should mention that i am blind in real life, so i have to rely on what my TTV (text to voice) reader tells me when i mouse over any sectons of the page . (yes, i play EVE by TTV). No date was mentioned and my reader found the info on the page that opened when i clicked on the November patch notes . My apologies if this is incorrect and caused any trouble.

perhaps CCP will clarify


CCP doesn’t need to clarify your own failure to understand an old update to the game from back in July is not happening again this month.

That Scope video is from the original blackout. In other words, it’s OLD NEWS.

I’m not sure how TTY is reading the site, but it may have included the old blackout announcement - and caused you to think it was part of the November update.

Actually CCP should definitely clarify themselves in regards to everything, especially since they stated back in April they were going to conduct themselves with complete transparency to the playerbase.

Course that’s a bunch of BS and they only stated that to avoid player ragefest over the Brisc fiasco.

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