BLK-S is recruiting for nullsec PvP and Industry

(Taishoku Mayaki) #1

Black Scorpions Inc is now recruiting.

Corp Trailer Video

Black Scorpions Inc is a multi-TZ and have countless opportunities to indulge in everything null-sec can offer, including:

PvP: Corp Killboard

  • Small gang roams and gate camps
  • Titan and Black Ops hotdrops
  • Huge fleet battles
  • High sec ganking and piracy

With over 12 trillion ISK in kills and a 94% efficiency rate, Black Scorpions is no stranger to PvP and one of the great diversified corps in EVE. Social and in game participation is a requirement. Participation can be achieved via PVP or PVE activities. Join the public channel listed at the bottom for more info.


  • Quality null-sec ratting (full iHub upgrades for the best anomaly spawns)
  • Fantastic sov with great sec status and quiet systems for your ISK making pleasure
  • Plenty of sov and NPC exploration sites
  • Organised Logistics to move your ships in or out of High Sec
  • Extensive mining systems.

No matter your racial skills, it’s easy enough to pull in plenty of ISK through ratting, plexing, running missions, or exploration. Don’t like PVP then participation can be achieved via PVE.


  • Full iHub upgrades for the best mining sites (ore and ice), with Rorqual/Orca support so you can take full advantage of them
  • T3 Industrial stucture for all needs.
  • Great range of planets for P.I. and a low-tax barren planet for your advanced production

We build everything in EvE, from supercapitals to T1 ammo. Multi-boxers are welcome.

To have a chance at joining Black Scorpions, you need to hit a recruitment window or talk with a recruiter:

  • 5 million SP minimum (we’re willing to bend this rule for highly focused characters)
  • Be willing to provide full and unrestricted API keys for all of your EvE accounts. These are required for a in-depth security check
  • A working microphone and the willingness to connect to required services (corp/alliance/coalition websites, TS3, Discord)
  • Must be self sufficient and be able to think for one’s self

For more information, check out our corp website or join our public channel “Scorpion’s Saloon” in-game

(Taishoku Mayaki) #2

Still recruiting.