Bloodhusk <Desolate.> (NA/EU) PvP Corporation - Looking for Active Pilots

:drop_of_blood: Bloodhusk Recruiting :drop_of_blood:

:small_red_triangle: Who We Are
Bloodhusk is one of two corporations that evolved from Apollo Mining . Those with a focus on pvp with large skillpoint pools and multiple doctrine masteries. Taking on a PvP centered identity in both corp and attitude. We bleed nullsec and are looking for players wanting to join us and jump into the biggest wars in eve.

:small_red_triangle:What We Are Looking For
We’re looking for players dedicated to pvp and sov warfare. Those who log in every day just to jump into a ship and find someone to shoot.

:drop_of_blood:10 Million Skillpoints (Omega)
:drop_of_blood:Active (7 days inactivity with no notice will result in removal)
:drop_of_blood:Dread/Fax alt not required to join but highly encouraged
:drop_of_blood:Basic Understanding of Nullsec and Fleet Calls

:small_red_triangle:What We Have to Offer

  • Upgraded Ratting System for ISK generation

  • Alliance Buyback

  • Alliance Freighter Services

  • Alliance / Corp SRP

  • Industrial Sister corporation for Ore/Gas/Moon Mining Ops

  • Capsuleer Kill Payouts via Corp Projects

  • Volatile Regions to Roam / Camp

:small_red_triangle:Specific Recruitment Needs We are looking for competent FC’s for both US/EU Timezones. Dread/Fax Capital experience a plus.

:small_red_triangle:Visit our Discord for more information or to speak with a recruiter:

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