Bloodhusk - [NA/EU] - Looking for PvP focused pilots

Desolate is a small corporation focused on pvp.
We are currently a part of the Desolate Alliance, rebuilding and working closely with our new friends.
We’re looking for more pvp focused pilots to join up in a multitude of fleets.

15 million SP
Possess or working towards Dread Alt
Active in US or EU TZ.

Bloodhusk is also looking for capable FC’s to generate more content for the Alliance and Allies.

  • Lowsec Pirate / Lvl 5 Mission running
  • Alliance buyback program
  • Alliance/Corp SRP including Capitals
  • Content and lots of it

Join our Discord: Bloodhusk
or contact Vanir Tsero in-game

o7 Fly Reckless