Highsec Wardec PVP Corp & Alliance looking for pilots

The Bloody Bandits are looking for pilots to join the ranks. This is a brand new highsec pvp corp focusing on mercenary work, wardec’s, structure bashing and killing anything that blinks.

We will be apart Hell Dawn Alliance. We will have over 60+ active wars going at one time. Our acceptance is approved and we are now officially at member of Hell Dawn.

All pilots will be accepted - newer pilots, old pilots, PVP, PVE or whatever your flavor may be. While the primary focus will be PVP we do not discourage those who want some PVE sprinkled in on their own time…but beware that we will be at WAR and you may become space junk.

-Highsec war targets
-Low/No activity requirements in terms of Alliance CTA’s

  • Its a game - have fun.
    -Membership in Hell Dawn Alliance.
    -Omega subscription
    -5M+ SP or must be able to fully fly a T2 fit PvP ship of choice
    -Self-sufficient on ISK

Things to know:

  1. There is no mandatory attendance for Alliance Ops. While encouraged, and certainly fun, RL comes first. If your able to join fleet and have the time you will have a good time.

  2. You will need to be self sufficient and earn your own ISK. We are not a bank. There are plenty of ISK earning opportunities in EVE.

  3. In the beginning you may have to hunt solo or in an Alliance fleet. Its not hard. See my personal zkillboard. We are actively recruiting as of today so be patient as we get new pilots.

  4. Have fun! In the end EVE is just a game.

  5. All Timezones will be considered. Why shouldnt everyone be able to have fun!!

For more information mail or convo: Pretty Pirate or Esturary


Looking to bolster the ranks! Join today.

Where’s this activity at.

Not sure what you mean? This was just me before I decided to start a corp and join the Alliance which we are now apart of as of 1/30/2020

Looking for more pilots to joim the ranks…HS wars FTW.

Actively looking for pilots. come have some fun.

im interested, please contact me

Whenever I can get back into the game I certainly will…these server attacks have prevented me from connecting

Still looking to build the corp for HS wars

looking for more pilots

Looking for more to bolster the ranks

Join the HS fun for pvp…more pilots needed.

Still looking for a few good men…EU, US…Pacific…ALL welcome

still looking for pilots in all timezones.

Pilots for all time zones needed.

Pilots wanted…bolster the ranks amd get in on the fun.

Join the fun…kills to be had.

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