The Bloody Bandits - High Sec PVP corp needs pilots 80+ WARS AND COUNTING!

The Bloody Bandits are looking for more pilots to bolster the ranks of HS PVP warfare.

We are a High Sec Corp apart of Hell Dawn Alliance. Currently over 80+ wardecs, structure bashing, war target roams, gate camps, piracy, Solo hunting…anything to suit your fancy.

I started this corp as a stepping stone for myself and others who were tired of 0.0, lowsec status hits and with the convienence of PVP’ing in highsec…its for ALL to try and enjoy!!

No CTA’s, No attendance required, Fly solo, Fly fleets, Structure bash, Gank, Camp…Just have fun! I

1. 10 Mil Minimum Skill Points Apply.
2. Active PVP killboard
3. Be Self sufficient and solo roam or camp if no other members are available.

WE PROVIDE THE WARS…YOU DO THE KILLING!! - We provide the wars for your entertainment. Create and savor the salty tears that flow from your opponents.

Contact Juvial Solstice or Casha Andven for more info.

Looking for more to bolster the ranks.

HS pvp wars at its finest…looking to bolster the ranks. Need more pilots

Join and have some Highsec warfare fun! the tears flow!

We have wars! Kill and watch the tears flow!

Looking for more pilots to join the fun

Looking for more to expand

What are your requirements, I am coming back after a 2 year layoff and I have played this toon since 2005.


No specific requirements, no mandatory CTA’s or OP’s no attendance requirements…it is highly encouraged to do them just for the fun that can be had but thats up to you. Play at your own pace and leisure. We are giving players new and old the opportunity to shoot targets in high sec thur all the wars the alliance has…currently as of last night there were 85+ wars. Alliance members are always on in different TZ’s. We are a new corp apart of the alliance and we are trying to build up our base so that takes time. Contact me in game or apply to corp and you can check us out.

Come join the Highsec war fun! Looking for more pilots!

Looking for more pilots to join up! slowly growing and creating havoc in highsec…wardecs at 99+ as of today

Big kills to be had in Highsec wars! Come join the fun and watch the tears flow!

Looking for more pilots interested in highsec warefare…

Come join the fun! Need more pilots.

Corp is growing…come join the fun.

Fun, fun, fun…looking for more pilots

Boom, boom, boom…we have room. Come join the fun.

Corp is growing…looking for more.

Boom, boom, boom…highsec pvp at it finest…more ilots wanted.

Me PVP Looooong time…make you hollar!..come join the fun. Pilots wanted.