The Black Crow Bandits (BCROW)

Zkillboard: The Black Crow Bandits | Corporation | zKillboard
Discord: The Black Crow Bandits

Looking for pilots who want to join a pvp-oriented organization within Pandemic Horde

What we are looking for:
-Active zkillboard showing you pvp
-Coachable/already experienced pilot who is interested in various forms of pvp content (T3C, Assault Frigs, so on/so forth)
-Mindset to become self-sufficient/already self-sufficient
-Willingness to do both small and large scale pvp content
-Comms are a must. No mic = no invite

What we offer:
-Corp-level SRP in addition to Alliance SRP (provided by Horde)
-Small gang pvp
-Community involved in multiple games
-Less of a mass number in corp and more of a person-to-person relationship (We all kind of know each other)

Feel free to reach out to me with any questions!
[BCROW]Rush Crosix#6831



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