S K E N G - Recruiting Bloodthirsty Bastards for Nullsec PVP

SKENG is looking for skilled PVP pilots to join our ranks in null for good fights, close calls, get rich quick schemes, and misadventures.

We’re a small gang PVP group living in curse. We roam and go looking for trouble in all regions surrounding us (Catch, Scalding Pass, Wicked Creek, Provi, etc) nightly. Things are ramping up in our area, and we’re finding more and more opportunities to take on larger enemy forces and to field expensive toys to kill them with. We’re really looking for people who understand the dynamics of non-F1-monkey pvp, are looking for real fights even if outmatched, and want to help a small alliance grow.

We’re not just looking to fill our ranks with warm bodies that can press F1. We want people who love to fight, theorycraft, and undock into superior forces, be it welp or victory that comes afterward.

We’re pretty proud of our killboard.

What we offer:

  • US & EU Timezone PVP activity
  • DAILY FIGHTS - Content right at our doorstep. Tons of targets.
  • Lots of content and activity
  • Micro / Small / Medium gangs often w/ Logi support
  • BLOPS Hotdrops and Black Ops Deployments
  • Tight-knit alliance - A bromance for the ages
  • Experienced FCs and leadership
  • Robust IT Infrastructure
  • Jump Freighter Service

What we’re looking for:

  • Competency
  • Self sustenance
  • A great sense of humor
  • Willingness to fight outnumbered
  • Willingness to contribute to corp decisions and help drive the narrative of our organization

Join “Church of Skeng” and speak to a recruiter!

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Recruitment is open!

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Still looking for amigos to fly with!

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I’m a member of Speaker for The Dead, a corp that co-founded the alliance, NEVERMORE, with the guys in SKENG. I could not be happier we met these guys or more excited about our young alliance!! You couldn’t ask for a more welcoming, comedic, bloodthirsty, or fearless group! SKENG is a fantastic group to fly with and an excellent environment for building/honing your pvp skills. Join and let the fun begin!

Thanks, Gori.

We :heart: you too.

Still looking for spacebros!

SKENG’s active membership has moved out of Curse and reformed under the name Last Rites.! I am acting CEO in Iso’s absence.