NEW Small Gang PvP Corp Recruiting! (USTZ)

Last Rites. is a new corp dedicated to small gang & solo PvP and to setting our members up for success! I personally really enjoy teaching this game and pvp to others, so all Newbros are welcome! Join us if you enjoy pvping or want to learn pvp. I want to start having regular roams, mostly in faction warfare space, but I also will always have a passion for solo pvp, so if that’s something you enjoy or are interested in, join me and I will be more than happy to help you succeed in the ways of solo too.

Here’s a link to my killboard where I have some pretty strong numbers and have gotten over 1500 solo kills so far.

We have big plans to take advantage of the changes in Lifeblood and should Soon ™ have 1-2 Athanors. This should create some interesting content for mining and pvp. If things go well, the moon goo profits will have a large portion go directly into the pocket of every member who participates in the mining ops and the rest will go back into the corp for things like SRP, prizes, and training incentive programs.

Location: based in Orvolle, which is a hisec system in the Placid region. This location is exciting as it is hisec with hisec routes to every major trade hub (yay for easy logistics!), it is adjacent to BOTH nullsec & lowsec, and it’s only two jumps away from faction warfare space (Gallente-Caldari warzone)!

PvP Focus:

  • Faction Warfare PvP (Initial focus)

  • Lowsec PvP

  • Nullsec PvP (day trips & excursions)

PVE/Isk Making

  • Weekly PvE nights

  • Shared profits from moon mining

  • Access to Lv 5 Missions

What we offer:

  • Group to PvP with

  • Encouraging environment to learn PvP

  • SRP for corp activities (like moon mining ops and select roams)

  • Access to moon goo wealth

  • Corp Training Incentive Programs (i.e. train these skills and receive a fully fit Gnosis)

  • Fun awards for achievements

What we are looking for:

  • USTZ Availability

  • Experienced PvPers willing to help Newbros learn

  • Newbros wiling to learn PvP and listen to advice

  • Miners willing to mine Moon Goo in lowsec

  • Positive attitudes & teamwork orientation

Come be part of something new and exciting. Join us and prosper!

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A few weeks ago I was looking for a small corp with an active and helpful CEO that would provide me an alternative to the mega corporations that seem to grab up new players by the boat load. I liked the idea of being part of something that was just starting out where I could grow and be mentored in the game while also helping to lay the foundation and be a valued member of the group.

I started with the approach that corps need players more than players need corps, and as such, I decided to set about interviewing groups that were recruiting. I’m shocked how many players accept that they need to be interviewed by corps and wait days to be called to a chat. I asked the CEOs and recruiters questions about plans and goals, timelines, and vision. Many never responded, others gave short or meaningless answers.

Gori really took my questions seriously and spent time answering and asking thoughtful questions back. He also described a vision for a corp that was aligned with my own ideas and was easy to get excited about.

I immediately joined Last Rites. and continue to be impressed with the leadership, mentoring, and enthusiasm I’ve experienced. Gori has some great ideas and a genuine vision for the group. He also has a plan to get us there.

For many, maybe your choice of corp doesn’t really matter, but personally I feel like it should and if you feel the same way you owe it to yourself to drop Gori a message and see if we’d also be a good fit for you.

Fly safe! o7

Still looking for pilots interested in being a valued part of something new and evolving.

Had a small gang roam last night. Landed my first kill, and learned a ton.

Give Gori a shout (here or in game), and see if we might be a good fit.

Best! o7

Great group of guys,

Type of guys you say the word fight, and we going to be their to help out. Seems to be some type of event going on every day, be it roaming for pvp. Fleet ops. Or just simple mission running. If your new to pvp, don’t let that worry you, we got your back. don’t have a pvp ship, not a problem say something in chat, we at least get you rolling in a t1 and get you into the action!

I just joined up last night and on my first run out we captured an enemy outpost and earned about 10,000 loyalty points. I didn’t even know what those were but Gori is a great mentor and he explains things with exceptional clarity and makes learning easy and fun. I highly recommend joining up. You will not regret it I promise.

Looking for a tough PVP corp that is self sustaining to engage in alot of Pew Pew and to take H/K assignments and complete them. You would operate within alliance ROE and report to a Sky Marshal for assignments.

After a VERY long hiatus, I am returning to Eve Online. I have been a part of High-Sec, Low-Sec & Null-Sec throughout my Eve Online Career. In addition to that I have also been a major rock hound but looking to change ALL of that (I still have the skills to crush anomalies but want the thrill of PvP and need some mentoring).

For the past few months, I have been doing some research on recruiting corps and what their goals / plans are and found this post. I must say that the feedback from other posters here is interesting and relieving as I see room for PvP but also room for PvE and related shenanigans. I see the opportunity to help something small and meaningful grow. Just need to get back into the swing of things with some NewBro-Friendly & active pilots.

I see that there is activity here as recent as 3 Days ago and I am looking forward to getting in touch with the Powers That Be so let me know how to do that. Many Thanks!

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