[FW][Newbro Friendly] Last Rites. is Recruiting!


(Gori Thane) #1

Last Rites. is a small-gang-oriented PvP corp. We are a member of Villore Accords, an active PvP alliance enrolled in Gallente faction warfare. Last Rites is newbro oriented and we have resources available to all members. I founded this corp to create an encouraging environment for members to learn and partake in casual PvP.

What we offer:

  • Free skillbooks for new pilots
  • Ship Training Incentive Programs
  • Cheap freebie PvP ships
  • Experienced FC’s & PvP vets to fly with
  • 1 on 1 tutoring in general game mechanics & PvP
  • Readily available PvP in lowsec and nullsec
  • Opportunity to be part of something bigger
    and make a difference in long term objectives
  • Access to our sov null in Cloud Ring for ratting, exploration, and moon mining
  • Loyalty Point Buyback Program
  • Corp & alliance logistics

What we require:

  • Teamspeak & a headset
  • A desire to PvP/learn PvP
  • A positive attitude and willingness to be a team player
  • Skill Points Required: NONE

Join in game channel Last Rites Pub or message Gori Thane for more info!

Returning 155m player, looking for new home
New player looking for a corp
6+ Mill Player
115 mill sp pvp/indy + alts looking for corp
20 Mil SP Pilot + Maxed Booster and 2 miners LF Corp
45 Mill sp pilot looking for nullsec home
New Player looking for Corp
Bitter vet looking for small gang pvp!
Returning pilot seeking a corp
(erg cz) #2

Friendly bump!

(Sina Arran) #3

Just joined, very good impressions thus far. Friendly, welcoming group!

(Sina Arran) #4

If interested in trying FW, this is a good group to fly with. Casual, no-pressure, no SP requirements, just a lot of fun.

(erg cz) #5

Friendly bump!

(Jaxon Orelein) #6

Gori - Heads-up: PC crashed. Working on getting it restored. I’ll be offline for a while until it’s recovered.