Death Dealers. is Recruiting; HS War/Low Sec Roam/Null Roam

Come and join us with high sec death dealing or join the null/low sec regular roams. We are actively recruiting players and can offer the following:

*Wormhole PvE
*BLOPS, Cov Ops
*Small Gang
*Large community
*Fleet action
*50-150 online at anytime

We are part of the Hell Dawn Alliance with a large and active community.

Find us in-game Dwerth Taymor, Kieta Maximus or “DEALERS Recruiting” channel

Editing to add our kb to the post:

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We will basically permanently leave this up. We are still looking for pilots. Come have some fun!

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GREAT Null roam last night. Terrorized a large alliance apparently. They didnt show up until a third party finally engaged us. Blaster Maos YOLO!

We do regular fleets 02:00 EVE time almost EVERY night.

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O yes plenty of pvp

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Bumping to the top. Another roam tonight - where to, where to? Jump on and join us on comms for some good times to be had.

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Roam tonight was 12 of us from the community we spearhead. T1 cruisers and frig fleet. Smoked a Sacrilege HAC, 2 faction cruisers, and 2 battlecruisers.

REGULAR PvP fleets. Community of pilots to fly with in ALL space. Join us.

Newbro and wallet-friendly.

There is plenty of PvE and WH diving available to fund your pew pew fun. We routinely take out newbros to teach them fleet operations with PvE then bring them out to experience the thrill of player on player combat.

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We are still recruiting and looking for a pilot like you. Come see what we are all about.

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