Blue Canary - Gallente FW [EUTZ]

Luminaire General Ronga Dosloe extends a heartfelt invitation on behalf of Blue Canary.

As the proud leader of this distinguished Gallente Militia corporation within the esteemed Sedition alliance, I am in search of skilled veterans who yearn to spread their wings and engage in the thrill of Factional Warfare and the boundless wonders of low-security space.

Dear friends, Blue Canary eagerly awaits those brave souls who reside in the European Time Zone (EUTZ), seasoned veterans who have weathered countless trials and emerged as stalwart guardians of the skies. If your heart beats with the rhythm of adventure and your spirit longs for the freedom of the open skies, then look no further, for our flock is the sanctuary you seek.

Blue Canary, a symbol of grace, strength, and unwavering resolve. We are a vibrant community of avian enthusiasts, united by our shared love for exploration, combat, and the thrill of discovery. Within our corporation, bonds of camaraderie flourish, and our spirits remain undeterred by the challenges that lie ahead.

When you join the ranks of Blue Canary, you become part of a brotherhood, a unified force dedicated to defending the honour and interests of the venerable Gallente Federation. With unwavering determination, we take flight, spreading our wings wide and etching tales of valour upon the storied tapestry of New Eden’s battlefield.

Within our flock, you will find battle-hardened pilots—warriors who have faced the crucible of combat and emerged triumphant. Together, we shall embark on the path of Factional Warfare, honing our strategies and leading fleets with precision. Through daring forays into the depths of low-security space, we shall seize opportunities and revel in the fruits of victory.

Remember, dear pilots, the skies are vast, and it is our collective resolve that propels us to greatness. In Blue Canary, you will find a community of kindred spirits, soaring together on the winds of passion and resilience. Under the guidance of Luminaire General Ronga Dosloe, you will discover mentors who offer wisdom, advanced ship doctrines that instil confidence, and an unwavering support system to nurture your growth and prosperity.

Embrace the spirit of our illustrious corporation, where courage runs deep and the pursuit of adventure knows no bounds. Rise, my friends, and answer the call of Blue Canary today. Seek out our nest within the recruitment channel aptly named “Blue Canary Public,” or reach out to our recruiters directly.

Unleash your true potential and embrace the freedom of the skies that only Blue Canary can provide.

Our Killboard: Blue Canary | Corporation | zKillboard

Alliance KB: Sedition. | Alliance | zKillboard


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