Sedition. Gallente FW Pirates | Industry | Low-sec | NPC Null (USTZ/EU)

Sedition. and it’s corporations are a group of close-knit, like-minded individuals - good people who enjoy the game without drama; players who help each other out and aren’t afraid to fleet up and lose their ships. We have players in USTZ, EUTZ, and Aussie TZ. We are seeking EUSTZ/RUSTZ corporations that want to join the gallente militia.

Here is our alliance KB: Sedition. | Alliance | zKillboard

We are currently seeking like minded EUSTZ/RUSTZ corps that just want to play eve with a primary focus on PvP. We do not have Blues, NAPS, and worry about structures. We are a PVP alliance.

Our Mission as an alliance?

To provide all members maximum content in both FW, Low-sec, and null-sec space.

What Sedition. has to offer:

✪ Constant Content Availability

✪ Industry: Build ships for the warzone!

✪ Black Ops

✪ Various content from Capital hot drops to Assault Frigate Roams

✪ Experienced Corp and Alliance FCs

✪ Daily Small-Medium Gang Content

✪ Other Games Community [Steam and ]

SEDIT. is looking for:

✓ Active Corporations.

✓ PVP focused groups

✓ Chill players

✓ USTZ and/or EUSTZ Corporations

Applications will require your FULL API and your kill-boards will need to show that you’re active.


We invite all interested players (and corps) to come stop by join one of our public channel: “JREX 2.0”

** Sedition. recruitment contacts:**
Youngpuke2 & Rhoenin

Join our discord: JREX

Some Video Highlights:

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to the top and back

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Killing cal mil everywhere

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We get small-medium gang fights.

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up we go wario

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