Sedition. Recruiting Corps for Sov-Null/Low-Sec (USTZ/EUSTZ)

Sedition is a null-sec/low-sec PvP focused alliance based in Wicked Creek and Scalding Pass. flying under our banner the mighty plex cock. We have recently been hibernating, as the leadership was busy due to COVID-19 and real life obligations (Farewell - for now - YouTube ), but we are focusing on rebuilding our alliance. We are a member of FI.RE Coalition. We primarily communicate in our discord here: .

Sedition deploys for content, we defend and help out our coalition when the time calls. Otherwise, we go all over the map to PVP and krab at home.

A lot of our members are former blob veterans, but have seen the light and decided that being a number in an alliance sucks. Tired of being yelled at by people that you don’t log in 24/7 and be glued to your computer or Sitting in 100 manned fleets clicking F1 is boring. We are high SP pilots that like to do blops, hot drops, small-medium gang warfare.

What we offer to corporations that are seeking to join.

✪ Experienced Corp, Alliance, Coalition FCs

✪ Low Sec, Sov-Null, and NPC-Null PVP

✪ Access to three regions of SOV Null

✪ Access to constant content availability by being in FI.RE coalition of EU/USTZ/CHINA fleets

✪ Corporate and Alliance SRP

✪ Advanced infrastructure program (alliance buybacks)

✪ Null-Sec isk making (Ratting and PI), and Moons

The leadership of the alliance is Jerkasaurus Wrecks INC.

For interested parties join “Sedit Bar and Grill” or message Rhoenin#1971 or Youngpuke2#6008 on discord. Otherwise hop in this discord if you’re interested:

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Had some fun this morning :slight_smile:

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