Sedition is recruiting

Sedition. is a sov null alliance recruiting pvp corps. If you are a high/low sec group or already in null and looking for a change lets talk, we may be the place for you.

What we offer:
Experienced leadership, in house auth services including teamspeak and discord servers. Jump freighter services to keep supplies moving. Potential for growth within the organization. Space to satisfy your pve and indy needs. Basically everything a serious sov null group should have in place. Based out of sov null as well as lowsec for pvp action.

What we are looking for:
Groups with a strong interest in pvp. Kb efficiency isn’t a priority, as long as you like to get out and shoot stuff. Be active on comms and standing fleet when online.

We are a full member of coalition, but neutral to papi coalition as a whole and not affiliated with the war in delve. We are primarily US tz with some EU and AU tz members. If this sounds interesting let’s talk. For any corps already in null, discretion will be a top priority. We understand how some alliances react to news about a corp leaving.

Discord will be the most reliable way to get in contact with leadership.

Great people, been here for a month and having more fun than the last year I spent in delve fighting a war for test as a pet in legacy.

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