[EUTZ] Blood Blind of Sedition. - GalMil FW Looking for active players

Short and sweet, looking for some folk to join us in Gallente Faction Warfare. We’ve been two people milling about New Eden for too long; but now we’ve found somewhere to stay!

What we’re looking for:

  • Pilots who’s primary interest is PVP
  • Pilots with experience (or a true desire to learn PVP)
  • Pilots who typically play between 1800 and 2400
  • Pilots who are social and willing to use comms
  • Pilots with Omega
  • Pilots willing to contribute to the grind and flip systems in FW

What we offer:

  • Just two folks who actively play EVE and have choose to do our own thing instead of join an existing corp
  • All day, every day access to small gang fights

Join us! Let’s bunker down, claim a place to call home and fight for the glory of the Gallente!

Discord: Blood Blind

For those who care, here’s the killboard:

Bump! Still looking for some pilots for small gang you know…


Bump. Losing Exequror Navy’s all day is more fun with people \o/

Still turning enemies and oursevles into wrecks! I broke into the top 10 most active pilots on the GalMil Zkillboard thing… then Zkill died entirely…

The daily hunt for like minded pilots continues.

Still looking.

Daily bump for European Faction Warfare pilots!

Still looking for EU Pilots as we join the msot active Faction Warfare alliance, Sedition! Thanks to them for inviting us into the fold.

We’ve some faction warefare objectives to achieve as a corp and access to more content thanks to Sedition. So if you want to live in Lowsec and still get involved in some local nullsec content, perhaps we’re jsut the place for you!

Late bump and off to bed.

Still looking for active EU pilots to join our small band of Gallente War Heroes!

To the top! EU Timezone, faction warfare, lots to kill. Active alliance. Real life always comes first.

Still looking EU pilots who want to PVP and get involved in FW!

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