Small gang pvp orientated corp looking for a couple or three experienced pilots

Blood Blind [14k.] is a PVP focused corp, we are looking to create a small team of experienced (or soon to be experienced) pilots that are very good at what they do.

We live in a C3 with a static Null, crabbing beyond passives forms of income are not of primary interest, however we understand for some the need to and have strong ties with Down Under Syndrome [OZLAD] which can provide isk making opportunities for alts, or you can steal resources from null blocs when times are tough.

At the moment our timezone is heavy EU/East Coast US, between 1600-0400 eve time, we are highly active. OZLAD is East Coast/ Aussie timezone, between them and us have most of the 24hr covered.

Interceptor and nano cruiser/bc’s are what we use, pyfa warriors encouraged put forward ideas of your ideal gang setup and we can give it a go.

HMU in game/ leave a message here.

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Hey are you guys in an alliance? If not hmu on discord Nomz#4568

We’re not affiliated with anyone. Friends with some folk but shooting everyone at the moment! Does that sound like something you’d be interested in?

still looking hit me up on discord kessah#4188

Definitely interested, how many people do you have in corp

Just me and my mate rhazul atm, just reformed, but we are highly active: Blood Blind | Corporation | zKillboard

We just want a few more so we can take on the blob easier, need a keres, ceptor or cruiser\bc pilots. Damps would be an awesome addition to the squad :slight_smile:

still looking for like minded peeps.

Preferably those that lose fewer ships to laziness than I do.

Scout your nullsec entry systems and refit your old BLOPs Legions to a travel fit before moving them :laughing:

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The gang is slowly growing but we’re still looking for more pilots. Quiet few days really, krabbed some and lost some stuff to stupidity but got into a fun brawl last night, but too many reps for my omen navy

Still looking for a couple more.

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