Bluewaffe Recruiting

We are a lowsec based PvP corporation.

Many of us have 6+ years of experience in EVE.
We aim to do nothing less than make all of the things explode.
We have regular weekend Ops and we run small to medium gangs.
Bluewaffe also prioritises RL over EVE, we don’t ring gongs for people to be online.

We are looking for EU timezone and US timezone players.

What we expect:

  • Be reasonably active.
  • Have a working microphone and use TS3 + Discord.
  • Understand & speak English,
  • 5 million SP minimum (in pvp skills).
  • Be helpful and useful‚ don’t be just another F1.
  • A sense of humour.

What we provide:

  • A fun, friendly environment.
  • TS3 + Discord servers.
  • Corp gangs/fleets.
  • A wealth of PvP experience, excellent opportunities to learn about EVE.
  • Roaming gangs.

If we sound like your kind of corp, and you would like to know more, then join our public channel: BlueWaffe Pub or mail SirGreen or Sgt Thorpee.

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