38m character looking for corp that's active 24/7

(Thanatos Molikroth) #1

I played back in 2005. I started off as an indy character, got level 4 research agents for a chance to win the BPO lottery, before CCP changed it. I have the skills to manufacture a carrier and to fly one but not the ISK. I have good skills in Drones, Rail Guns & Blasters, and Armor. I can fly Gallente ships. I know that a lot of fleets are flying with a doctrine and I will probably need to train for a specific role.

I am looking to explore other aspects of EVE-Online. I was thinking either incursions, level 5s or wormholes. I have very little experience with PvP so a corp that is willing to show me the ropes is probably best.

I would like to find a corp that has 24/7 activity. My sleep schedule is dynamic so I would like to be able to log on at any time and join up with a group of corp mates.

Thanatos (I created my character BEFORE they added carriers to the game :stuck_out_tongue: )

(Lieutenant Kiff) #2

BlueWaffe is a tight nit group and a member of Black Flag Syndicate currently and based in low sec.

We have logistics in place for ships and items.
Leadership have been playing together for years.
We can show you the ropes with PVP
We like to do small T1 cruiser roams.
No Mandatory ops

Join BlueWaffe Pub if you would like to chat about the corp. Corp activity is about 10:00 to 2000 hours but the alliance spans a little more on either side of that

(Thanatos Molikroth) #3

Found a new home! Thanks for all the offers.