[-BLZ-] Blazing Capsules is looking for folks ready for some fun null pvp, community, and lots of Schwartz! PVP for the common clay of New Eden!

Blazing Capsules, a nullsec pvp corp is looking to expand our ranks.

From conception we’ve been a place to enjoy nullsec pvp, from solo roams, to small gang scrims, to coalition fleets, without the pressure of messing up.

After all, all good stories end in a blazing capsule.

So if you are a veteran player tired of being yelled at for losing that ship after you had an epic brawl, or a new player who wants to learn the ins and outs of nullsec pvp;
Hit us up!

Check out our Zkill

We are part of the alliance Already Replaced (AARP.), a part of the FI.RE coalition.
So we can offer a variety of services:

  • Active TS and Discord servers
  • Capital ship support.
  • Jump freighter service to and from highsec
  • Daily pvp content, small gang and mega fleets.
  • SRP and pre-stashed pvp doctrine fits.
  • Opportunities for growth
  • Way too many Mel brooks references for comfort

After all, you always have your Blazing Capsule
See you in space o7




If your looking for a great corp with great people, well look no further. Resistance is futile! Your all join eventually.


Pushing 2 years now and best corp I have been a part of in my 16 years. While PvP is a focus we have our manufacturing team also. Drop us a line and see if you are a fit. You will not be disappointed.

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You can hit us up on our Discord!

Recruitment is still open! Hit us up with any questions you might have!

Have you heard of Blazing Capsules?
No better way to travel!

Hit us up if you too, enjoy ending your journey in a Blazing Capsule!

Recruitment remains open, keep up the applications folks! The water is warm!

Did you know we help folks learn the ropes of nullsec pvp?
Come give us a shot if you want to learn the ins and outs of the best part of eve!

Did you know that Blazing Capsules has not one, but two swallows carrying a coconut together?
Yeah, they have it tied on string between them!

Follow us on Twitter @BlazingCapsules ! AARs, memes, important questions that CCP won’t answer! (why I can’t we see our exotic dancers on the outside of the ship like killmarks?! We need answers!

Have you ever traveled in a Blazing Capsule?
Tell us the story, we’d love to hear it!

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