BO-LD (Test) recruiting now

Hello you pariah,
If you want to enjoy playing Eve with a Med-Sized corp that has active players in all time zones look no further. Here is a some of our latest pvp battles from this week:

We love us some good pvp. And our alliance space is huge with good ways to make lots of isk. And we all are very nice and helpful, so don’t worry about anyone trying to bum you out while you play Eve.

We do require that you have some experience in PvP, so brand new charactors will not be accepted. But we are not so picky to turn down a good pilot, as long as you pass the spy test. Come to our recruitment channel and chat with us for a bit if you need a NullSec home.
Just search our corp ‘Brave Operations - Lollipop Division’ and click on our recruitment channel in description.

Still seeking good pilots who like PvP in Eve. Our corp has grown by a good 12 people these last 2 months, would like to make it 12 more for the next two. :slight_smile:

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