Bob’s Watch [TBOBW] C4(C3/C5). Chill wormhole corp. New player friendly

Hello there,

We are small wormhole corp looking for new members, we focus on becoming a great place for players to begin their wormhole adventure with a dedication to teaching and offering a place to grow your knowledge of the game. If you are interested to make wormhole space your new home, we might just be the place for you with PVP, PVE, PI, Exploration, Industry and good company. Installed in a C4 with C5/C3 statics. We consider that having our focus on being welcoming to new players is a good way to fill the wormhole player base. (Mostly EST).

What to expect when you join us?

  • A friendly and easygoing atmosphere that we hope you will be part of. Mutual respect between members is a priority.

  • You must be on discord voice chat when you are playing in the wormhole chain.

  • We encourage your active participation to corp activities and determination to learn new things about the game.

  • Livestream tutorials via discord; we walk you trough how to do things like PI, exploration, training queue planning, using D-scan, ratting and whatever else you may need.

  • We guide new players in their progression from even the very beginning. If you have just installed the game and have the required determination to learn, you are welcome. We have more experienced players who help you figure out the game.

  • We don’t give a damn about the killboard, go lose your ships, have fun and learn in the process. It’s what matters the most. Our numbers are growing and we can take increasingly interesting fights.

Come say hello on our discord!

Bumpitibumb, join us btw.


The Bob’s Watch is still waiting for you!

still looking for more peeps.

Still looking for you! where are you?

Post eviction update! :stuck_out_tongue:

we’re back up and running, ready to welcome you :stuck_out_tongue:


up you go



Bumpin up the finest new bro wormhole corp

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