Bobs watch | Eviction/WH content Corp

Bob’s watch is looking for pilots that are interested in doing wormhole content and evictions.

Newer players are welcome, but must be willing to buy fleet doctrines.

We can offer:

  • Competent FCs and training to become an FC yourself

  • Fleet doctrines

  • A casual and friendly environment

  • An active corp to fly with

  • Killmails and content

What we expect from you:

  • Active during EU time zone

  • The willingness to help find content by scanning for holes

  • A motivation for pvp

  • A working mic

  • Friendly and positive attitude

Bonus if you have/are:

  • Alts for tackle

  • 2 or + omega accounts

  • Prior experience in wormhole space

If you’re interested in join our corporation then please join the discord and contact the recruitment staff.



Still recruiting!

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Still recruiting!

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Still recruiting!

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Still recruiting

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Still recruiting

Still recruiting

Still open and wanting more pilots. So if your bored and want a new challenge come give us a go.

Don’t be scared come have a chat. Still looking for pilots.

Daily bump and call to those wanting a new start come have chat and explore wormhole space.

Come on down and see what we have to offer. Daily bump

Daily Bump.
Still open for new members so swing by for a chat.

Still recruiting! o7

still looking for players wanting to headbutt the nail.

Bumping to recruit

Still recruiting

Bump =^)

Great dudes, very invested in everything WHs have to offer

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come join make friends kill stuff make isk haha

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