BOG come be myopic

What is English? New Corp Sunday a sure winner! Each Sunday a new Corp will spring up.
The lintel of the heaths of Argentina; first accompanied on, then in Local Business. A Slow Burn to the gate, then through.

“Cit-Gel !””Asking all cits, please remain alert!””Maximizeyour pay cuts.”

Should he Ave looked up from the com, in Rus, in Terr

He looked at another Corp headline ad: eDeeDee. “Fuuuck.” He laughed to himself, no tell Ng who runs that one, or if ou wasn’t to get involved in their gumfuckery. “I wish I’d thought of it myself though.” And he scrolled along the comm ceneter, eyes flicking left to right and against the led discrimination on his eyeballs.
Eventually the back of his eye sockets, the frontal lobe if his brain started to ache. His dismissed himself from the casual job hunt and laid back on the couch.

In the clearer air, the rainier rain having given way to a kind of quiet, chill piercing clarity the crowd whose obnoxiousness kind of, in its chain smoking sledgehammer kind of incredulity, paused or lessened its decibel level and he wondered if the air outside, even though he had just been outside, would help any more or if he really, really needed a rest.

“Haha, you got Hi-Secded.” He laughed again, even though he didn’t know who it was from.

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