📌 BOOKMARK BARN: Regional & Special Purpose Collections for sale


Can you send me a discord link? I am interested in your bookmarks

There is a perma-invitation link in the OP, as well as the post immediately above.


Here, at the BOOKMARK BARN, we provide Regional and Special-Purpose collections of tactical bookmarks: gate tacticals; safespots; station perches & instas, and much much more. Our collections are ideal for your day-to-day activities or for stepping out into, and safely exploring, more dangerous space. Collections made available to subscribers on annual basis using shared folders and Access List membership.

We also build individualised undock instawarps, for Jita and Amarr, at AU distances so you’re warping beyond the probe scanners right from the start.

These are shared collections, and they’re excellent locations and very safe if used with a bit of common sense. We have most of eve’s nullsec and all lowsec surveyed and bookmarked, and are constantly working on the outstanding regions. We also have hisec regions, and special collections for haulers.

The map below shows our main regional coverage, not absolutely all of k-space eve … but we’re working on that. We also have a number of special collections, such as:

  1. Collections covering all systems for each of the two faction warfare areas: amarr v Minmatar; and Caldari v Gallente.
  2. Pirate Epic Arc, containing all the bookmarks you will need for either Angel Sound or Smash and Grab, as well as the best, most detailed manual you could ask for;
  3. Silk Road is a huge collection covering all the hisec trader trunk routes between hubs. We’ve augmented this collection with bookmarks for the shorter Jita - Amarr route;
  4. The spectacular long-range individual undocks already mentioned.

We have a discord server for this service, with all the detailed information you could possibly want. Come on over and check us out - Bookmark Barn.

Our coverage of the eve cosmos …

Our latest additions have been the two Faction warfare collections, and the nullsec regions of Omist, Feythabolis and Wicked Creek. We’re currently out scouting Tenerifis, Tenal, and The Spire.