📌 BOOKMARK BARN: Regional & Special Purpose Collections for sale

Here, at the BOOKMARK BARN, we provide Regional and Special-Purpose collections of k-space tactical bookmarks. Our collections are ideal to support your day-to-day activities, or for stepping out into, and safely exploring, other, potentially hostile, areas of the eve cosmos.

Most of our collections are made available to subscribers on annual basis using shared folders and Access List membership. We also build-to-order individualised special-purpose bookmarks (instawarps, deepsafes etc) as well as individualised collections.

Mostly these are shared collections, and they’re excellent locations and very safe if used with a bit of common sense. We have all of eve’s nullsec and lowsec surveyed and bookmarked, and are constantly working on improving our holdings. We also have some hisec regions, and special collections for haulers.

As you might expect, our ‘store’ can be found in our discord server, and carries all the detailed information you could possibly want concerning our products and services. The store also includes a GENERAL INFORMATION category, containing a lot of detailed information about bookmarks, bookmarking, and associated game dynamics (e.g instant docking and undock instawarping).

We provide the following -

  1. Regional collections covering every system in all nullsec regions as well as lowsec elements of highsec / lowsec regions. Those collections include: gate perches (tacticals); safespots (deep if possible); station instadocks, instawarps, and perchs (if there be stations); and in some cases ‘sunspot’ safes. [#bb-aridia through to bb-wicked-creek]
  2. An extra-careful collection for Pochven, the entire region including the three ‘apex’ home systems. The sunspots, perches and instawarps are further out than usual. There are two perches at every gate, and three locations (instadock, perch, and instawarp) at every station. With all that extra caution it’s a moderately large collection, despite Pochven only being 27-systems.
  3. The huge Silk Roads collection covering all the hisec trade routes between the five hubs, as well as the 1-lowsec-system direct Jita-Amarr route. That collection includes, for every system: gate perches (tacticals); gate zerospots; safespots (deep if possible); station instadocks, instawarps, and perchs for every station; and ‘sunspot’ secondary safespots. [#bb-silk-road]
  4. A collection of 1AU markethub undock instawarps from Jita, Amarr, Dodixie, Rens, and Hek (2AU when we get some better rolls in Hek and Dodixie). [#bb-1au-markethub-instas]
  5. Spectacular long-range undock instawarps (AU distances, individual, only-for-you) from the Jita and Amarr tradehub stations. [#bb-personal-undock-instas]
  6. Faction Warfare (FW) collections covering all the lowsec systems of each of the Amarr-Minmatar and Caldari-Gallente FW areas. These collections contain, for each system: gate perches (tacticals); safespots (deep if possible); station instadocks, instawarps, and perchs (if there be stations); and ‘sunspot’ secondary safespots. [#bb-fw-amarr-v-minmatar and #bb-fw-caldari-v-gallente]]
  7. Pirate Epic Arc collections, containing all the bookmarks you will need for either Angel Sound or Smash and Grab, as well as the best, most detailed PDF manual you could ask for. [#bb-pa-angel-sound and #bb-pa-smash-and-grab]
  8. Made-to-order deepsafe locations in any k-space system (often, but not always possible to build). [#bb-personal-remote-safespots]
  9. Some specialised packages for individual organisations.
  10. Contract services to build private collections of bookmarks for a region. [#priorities-and-private-collections]

We also provide a number of discount schemes for players and their alts, corporations, and alliances as well as all-the-things and ‘forever’ options. [#alts-corps-and-alliances, #all-the-things, and #forever]


It is always appropriate to apply a grain-of-salt to most everything you see or hear in eve. However, ours is an entirely trust-based service. If we were scamming, or if our products and services were not as good as we claim, then there would be posts here and elsewhere warning you away.

By all means come on over to our discord store and ask some of our clients about their experiences. [#public-lounge]


You will also hear loud cries – look for the person wearing a tinfoil hat – that shared bookmarks represent the end of civilisation or (insert conspiracy theory of choice), and that you will die if you use facilities such as ours. Exactly the opposite is the reality. By using bookmarks such as ours you can avoid being caught by a smartbomber or a bubble gang camping a gate, and you will have good quality safespots available before you even enter a system for the first time.

Bookmarks such as ours do not make you bombproof, they still need to be used with some game knowledge and common sense [#bookmark-safety and #safe-use]. However, having a complete suite of bookmarks available at your fingertips whenever you want to go somewhere new (or old) provides you with a huge advantage … whatever your intended gameplay. Of course, building all your own bookmarks, and keeping them entirely to yourself, is probably safer BUT you cannot build a safespot or a gate-perch tactical before you visit the system. Also, building bookmarks, especially top-quality bookmarks covering large areas of the eve cosmos, is an exacting and very time-consuming activity.

We believe the best safety v. effort balance lies in using our collections for travel and day-to-day operations and, when you’re settling down for more intensive operations in a system or region to start building your own private bookmarks (you can use ours to build your own quicker). We have an awful lot of bookmarks in use on a daily basis, and have not lost a single person at one of our bookmark locations or because of one of our bookmarks.


Our business model employs a subscription approach and dirt-cheap ideology. This approach is intended to provide clients with the ability to easily access large regions of space and to chop-and-change without huge sunk costs.

We also provide heavy discounts for larger groups, and large ‘all the-things’ purchases.

Want to know more?

Our discord server really does have a lot of information. It’s unlikely you will have a question that is not already addressed there … usually in excruciating detail :slight_smile:

Feel free to eve-mail me, or DM me in our discord store
An Leabharlannai

Please note, this is a WTS market posting. If you have views on the game dynamics of bookmarks and the use of shared / collective bookmarks, then those views have a place in general game dynamics forum groups … not derailing or trolling our marketing thread.


I might be interested in pings on regional gates in lowsec only.
What would be the price tag for that?


Do contact me ingame with queries. I have good EVE Portal access so can respond to eve-mail fairly promptly. My forums presence is not so good, although I am active here today.
I’m mostly selling / subscribing regional collections (example below) which contain ‘pings’ (perches or tacticals) as you mention, but also usually two different types of safespots, and - where appropriate - three bookmarks for the best station in system (an instadock / cynospot, a perch, and an instawarp undock).
So, for example, the Black Rise collection covers every system in that region and is currently made-up of around 325 bookmarks. My baseline pricing (very approximate because some will have a grief-loading (based on the grief I had to do through to get them) is round-up to next 50/100 and multiply that by 100k. So a 325 bookmark collection is likely 35M isk per year.
I can build dedicated collections for people, but bookmark building is very slow and not an AFK activity, so that would be very expensive. It can take months to fully scout a region.


I could be getting it wrong here, but if you’re selling bookmarks, to safe spaces for example, then someone else (and this means at least you if not others too) knows where they are, right?

Based on that, I’m not convinced that they are safe at all then. The same goes for station perches, and anything tactical as well.

I’d never share my personal safe spots and tactical info with anyone, and this includes members of my corp (if we need corp safe spots I’ll develop some rather than share mine) because the very act of doing this means that that they are immediately compromised.

Setting this stuff up can take ages of meticulous work however so do ‘get’ why this might be an attractive thing for people to buy ’off the shelf’* but I know that I’d never buy it.

EVE is hard and some of that tasks that you need to do are grinding, but there really are no shortcuts, especially if you don’t want someone warping to 0kms of your safe spot to casually blow you out of the proverbial water.



As stated common sense necessary … along with a little ‘likelihood’ thinking. Use your own ping at a gate twice, uncloaked, and a savvy hostile has the spot close enough to wait with a 'dictor the third time. Warp-direct once with a gang of SB battleships waiting, and you’re dead (shiptype dependent of course).
What is the likelihood of that other player:

  1. Having the same bookmark;
  2. Knowing you have that bookmark;
  3. Knowing you’re going to use that bookmark; and
  4. Choosing to go for the likelihood of you using the bookmark as yielding a better result than setting their stop bubble or smartbombers on the gate-to-gate direct line.

Common sense may be in short supply at times, but makes bookmark use very safe. Except for ‘zerospots’ (stations and gates) never warp to a bookmark location ‘at zero’. That applies even if you have built the bookmark yourself - common sense.

Many people do use collective bookmarks with effect and safety. Some people love espousing false knowledge and ‘truisms’ that are not always true. FACT: It is safer to build all your own bookmarks, but not much safer at all AND it takes a lot of time and effort. That time and effort is ISK.
The choice I am offering is not between SAFE and UNSAFE, it’s between a-little-SAFER and SAFE and … but with an awful lot more flexibility and less effort. Remember, also, these packages also cover systems you’ve never been to before. We have done that work for you.

Think about it. How many people die each eve-day having been caught in an (entirely avoidable) drag or stop bubble? How many people die each eve-day after warping direct to a gate camped by smart-bombers? How many people die each day because they did not have an available safe location in system and had to either burn or use a celestial? Compare that number with the number killed that day because a hostile utilised the bookmark they were using.

Still, they’re not for everyone … only those focussing on their safety and efficiency and, often, wanting to expand their eve horizons.


Scouting Great Wildlands at present. There’s some lovely Angelic real estate out there.


Those guys in U3K-4A are very territorial.


I haven’t got there yet. N-RAEL had it’s challenges … including a fast-locker. Otherwise it’s been feast or famine, either heaps of people or super quiet.


You will like the E02 to CRXA-Y pipe :slight_smile:

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Still scouting, still sorting, still selling. We has bookmarks, not all the bookmarks but quite a few.
Thanks for the ingame and discord follow-ups.


More systems, more bookmarks … and, bump :slight_smile:


Speed matters, as does static warp time, for a bookmark scout. An embarrassing loss sent me back to the drawing board, and Jita. Now 5450m/s for tactical-burning, stable cap, <2s, and no super-expensive alpha-beta implant sets. It’s all about priorities and compromises, but I think this will do me for a little while.




I used a punisher when Jita market station changed configuration … good for going fast … but then I sorted out another approach and build 20AU undock instant warp locations. Out of range of those pesky probe scanners.

For general regional scouting I use an interceptor … because I need some speed, some fast align-warping, and some nullification. I did get caught out on the weekend though, burst jammer changes had not gotten to me.
I use a stiletto, but a malediction can be setup to be a little better.


Bumpity bump from the depths or Aridia and Great Wildlands.


Burning, burning, burning … BOOKMARKS. It sorta works to ‘Rawhide’ :slight_smile:


Don’t try to understand ‘em, just mark, sort, and scan them.
Soon you’ll be livin’ high and wide!


Thanks An. They have been great, and I reckon they paid for themselves in the first week. I don’t know how many Syndicate bubbles and lowsec smartbombers I have stepped around now, without the hassles I had been going to.
We’ll get back to you when our needs extend beyond Syndicate, Verge Vendor, and Placid. Soon I think, given our plans and the Fountain happenings.


I just moved through that pipeline into the southern cluster. It’s rather quiet … thankfully :slight_smile:


Awesome, thanks. I’ll take a look through the Fountain and make sure all is in order … in anticipation :slight_smile: