📌 BOOKMARK BARN: Regional & Special Purpose Collections for sale

Good and Useful service for a fair price, helps me avoid dying like a doofus on gates.

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LOL, thanks. I reckon I need to work that into my marketing somehow.

“We’ve died on those gates so you don’t have to!”


Delve is a problematic region to scout.

Thanks An-and-friends.
We used your Vale of the Silent collection for some roaming and some camping. Sure, we built our own bookmarks for bubble-locations and other operational spots, but the collection was fantastic for getting in-and-out (P3EN-E was quite challenging at times), moving to new systems, and making safe when hostiles took a mind to trying to kill us.
I don’t know how much effort, and likely how many ships, you guys saved us. It was totally worth the price, even for several of us. We’re also using your naming system - or a slight variant - for our own now.

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Thanks. Good to know, and I will hope that wherever you head next I have a collection to cover you :slight_smile:

Today’s bump is in honour of those evil Delve hordes trying to kill me, and the hecate that came close in 1DQ.

Today’s bump is in honour of me being a moron, and not noticing that I’d set the ctrl-B window to 3-hours. Now I have to repeat my entire last session of scouting.

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That happens to everyone - hard lesson, just like everything in Eve. It happens when you click on the bookmark window to get the autotext to disappear - the expiration buttons extend much farther to the right than you think they would - so you think you are clicking on empty space, but you are not.

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Ahhh, thanks. I was wondering about the mechanism. I assumed i’d just clicked there without noticing, like in my frenzy of trying to escape evil-Delve-hecate-pilot.

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I always keep my bookmarks panel expanded so that I can see the expiration dates. They should be “-” all the way down.

I have adopted exactly that now for scouting, and occasionally sorting that colum - using the triangle things - to make sure none have expiry date-times.

This bump is in honour of my first dive into discord. I hope everything works. Come along and buy our bookmarks … they really are quite spectacular.

[to avoid link-spam I am deleting the discord link from this post and will try and keep it in my most recent not-a-bump post]

Just bought a Delve pack from @An_Leabharlannai and I can say it is amazing. I have noticed people chattering about the possibility of having your “safe” compromised (scroll up), but with a little bit of common sense, this pack simply makes it easier to escape hostiles, or dodge a pipe bomb. If you understand the very basic fundamentals (literally nothing more than marginal) of warping to pings or safes, then you’ll be okay. I recommend this service to anyone wanting to roll around with some extra tools in the 'ol tool box.

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Thanks for the feedback. I am pleased to have but in the blitz time to update and ‘sanctify’ the Delve collection. I hope it serves you well.

If this were a bump it’s be in honour of the Bookmark Barn discord server, the rash of sales it has generated, and the great people who’ve come to visit and helped me with advice about design and setup options.
I won’t keep linking it. It’s already two posts up, as well as in the edited OP.

Aridia scouting completed, and collection ready for sale. Routes from hisec into both Delve and Fountain traverse the length of Aridia.

Current projects: Fountain - revision / update; Great Wildlands - new colelction, slow; Geminate - revision / update; and Curse - revision & tidyup. Oh well.

Interesting. I feel as if I’ve been Copyright Infringed upon. HOWEVER, I do very much like what you are doing.

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Lol, yeah that character name could lead to some fun intellectual property debates couldn’t it? I’ll have my lawyers look into that :slight_smile:

I think I need to get a bookmark from you, so I have a ‘bookmark by Bookmark’, a rare and coveted item.

Haha yeah. Right!. lol. If you want I will sell you this char. He is quite a few years old and only ever been in one corp. He’s in corp “Bookmarks”. I’ll sell you both. If you’d like. It could help your cause.

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Yeah, I see the poor guy getting killed a few years ago in Tama … and found a few other ‘Bookmark’ type character names in my eve-kill search. I’d never thought to do that.
I doubt I can afford your character / corp, this is not yet as lucrative a business as it might be. I’m hopeful, though, that we’re early days and that exposure and the great experiences of those who do engage will gradually increase my turnover so I can become a fat, lazy eve squillionaire.