📌 BOOKMARK BARN: Regional & Special Purpose Collections for sale

Wow. Seems like a good opportunity!

Yeah, many opportunities before us … Bookmark’s bookmarks amongst them :slight_smile:

Have you mapped Stain yet? I predict you will have much fun there.

Obviously the important question is whether I can afford you. What is the character’s SP level? What price would you be looking for? I have no need for other speciality skill, a <5M SP alpha is fine, it’s the names. If he flies a 'ceptor that’d be a bonus. Maybe best to evemail me, or come on over to our discord server to discuss further … rather than off-topic my own thread :slight_smile:

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Have not mapped Stain yet. I have a few hundred bookmarks for the region but nothing consistent or cohesive.
Stain is a pain, so huge with 132 nullsec systems. Still, I think you’re right. I’ve redeployed my Fountain person over there - using my brand new, but awesome Aridia collection to extract - and have started on that long slow job.
Maybe I will still be there when that new stargate into Stain is built.

Stain is a lot better than Venal or Great Wildlands. Venal is just thousands of burner mission runners and Great Wildlands is a good place to hide a body.

Thanks. That is great, and the sort of in-depth understanding I do not have. I have relocated my Fountain scout and have one entire system of Stain scouted … almost 1%
Hiding bodies sounds important so I will keep my Great Wildlands scout working. Geminate is relatively easy, a tidy up and collection augmentation, so I will keep that guy working too.
New-system scouting is slow work though, especially when people are trying to kill me … as they do. Stain does, however, divide quite nicely into two ‘halves’ but it is still 132 nullsec systems :slight_smile:

If this were a bump it’d be in honour of Stain and Ilya who is trying to kill me.

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Ouch. Two learning points so far today.

  1. If you add yourself to the allowed list in a chat channel that is set with default access as ‘blocked’, BAD THINGS HAPPEN :frowning:
    I think I am gonna have to build another ‘emergency’ channel for the BOOKMARK BARN.
  2. Direct marketing is, ummm, ‘interesting’. I just did a run around the silk-road (Jita - Dodixie - Rens - Amarr) carrying my ‘sandwich board’ and advertising in local. Still, if it alerts folk to what we have there will be customer follow-on.

Stain 20% scouted, and a couple sold already.
@Xeux I think that may have been a good call. Thanks.

This bump is honour of my tutor who, this morning, helped me realise that “OMG my essay is taking an entirely wrong direction, and needs ground-up rewriting”. This is not pleasing to discover :frowning:

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Scouting update: Stain proceeding 47/132 done. Slowly, slowly, but getting there.

Come buy our awesome bookmarks.

“Get Repair Quote” time.
Some inhospitable Stain locals messing with me on a kick-out station. Other than a little bit of feeble gate camping, and the occasional combat prober, it’s the most ‘action’ I have seen out here.
Now I am going to tie up their attention, as they wistfully watch for my next undock, for quite a while as I go AFK on other business.

A temporary Branch collection added to the Barn. It only contains gate perches, but that’s a decent start for getting around the region.