📌 BOOKMARK BARN: Regional & Special Purpose Collections for sale

That’s awesome Leelou Dallas, thank you very much. I’ll look forward to hearing how things go out there. Happy hunting.

Is Pure Blind next?

Already got PB collection.

Working thru the edge or Feythabolis, to do Impass next. Prioritising nullsec.

Impass fully surveyed now.

Yay, and now Lonetrek (lowsec) collection completed and popped up onto a display shelf in the Barn.

All collections updated for the eight new stargates: Hykkota (hisec, The Forge); Ahbazon (lowsec, Genesis); Saminer (Lowsec, Tash-Murkon); F7-ICZ (nullsec, Stain); Kenninck (lowsec, Placid); Eggheron (hisec, Solitude); Irgrus (hisec, Metropolis); and Pakhsi (hisec, Genesis).