Nullification and Warp Module Update – Live Now!

Genius reply there. I could also say, don’t be there, or bad ship, or too bad. What we going to do after that - call each other names? Of course, “not getting scrammed” is the only answer left - that is my point. Balance the dam game. Up until now, there was a cat/mouse game between fittings and sacrificed capabilities. Now we opened up for gate camps to be shooting galleries with little to no chance of actually escaping. CCP wants people to move to high-sec and never take any risks (because a risk is the opposite of certain death) - well they getting that from many people.


Here’s the even more hilarious part. With all WCS’s (regardless of meta) now getting -2 to strength, ‘stoic’ and ‘halcyon’ WCS’s (coming in at -9 and -11 CPU cost respectively over the T2 WCS), will be bank compared to the T2 WCS’s now. Yup, well thought out, this, making a T2 module the least desirable of the lot at 35tf.

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Zkill is showing a lot of Industry ships with a empty low slots (WCS?) and Christmas has come early for gate campers.

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Gee, I wonder how many of those were DST’s…

It was on the launcher. Don’t see how you could have missed it.

The changes reek but, CCP, my business thanks you.


The latest patches only prove that the CCP is simply aggressively trying to make money by increasing the sale of plexes. All mechanics change just for this. Take it all back! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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Havent logged in to try this new patch and after reading all the comments not in a hurry to either :frowning:

Im wondering who asked the nulification change?
I never heard anyone saying that this was broken.
IT Just makes krabbing so much safer in NS.
Guess its time tot change the sec status of NS tot HS.

Great job CCP. More safety in NS Will not really help to het more destruction.

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unfortunately that is exactly what is currently live on TQ. Cannnot undock with Epithal with 1 WCS (had more before so was converted for the update) - error message says: Message: ‘TooManyModulesOfGroup’
Args: {‘groupName’: (7, 315), ‘noOfModulesFitted’: 3, ‘noOfModulesAllowed’: 1}".

You really botched this, CCP! Please work on your communications and product quality assurance. Will not play until fixed.


Actually, no.

Its a nerf to nullification, not a buff.

You should be asking what CCP gains by making it harder to nullify a ship, and why they feel the need to obfuscate the nerf by applying Nullers to these other ships and calling it a buff.


Dear CCP,

in my Eyes the Core Stabs are total useless. If someone is attacking in Low Sec and you try to escape you have only 12(Stoic) Sec. to Escape. Your ship has to be in this time in Warp. Else you are doomed. Some ships need even more Time to reach warp.

Second the attacker has to scramble lower than 2 - As eyerybody knows this they attack everytime with more points. no smart pv Player would risk to let you go if he knows how high your max value (2) is.

Even Worse with 2 faint Epsilon you have a scrample 0f 4 - nobody can Escape!


The description of the Interdiction Nullifier says “Temporarily nullifies the effects of warp disrupt probes and mobile warp disruptors.” Does this mean, it doesn’t make you immun to Warp Disruption Field Generators from HICs?

And is this the same to Shuttles?

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HAHAHAHAHA, That is the demeanor at the CCP tower, like I said in my last post. Do you think this company cares about what you think, or feel about the changes they make to to game. No they don’t, as long as you are filling their pockets with hard cash. “THE GREAT ESCAPE” sounds like the exit of any responsible decisions on managements part. They are heading to paradise, escaping to retirement, and running EVE into the ground. Oh you don’t put skins on ships? Well your going to have this skin applied to your character as a going away present. Whether you like it or not, because here a CCP we don’t want you plexing from skins that you don’t pay cash for. You can have these free skill points that will go toward the new skills required to do the same thing that you already trained for, and have to fork over more isk to buy more books, and more BP’s to make the same thing. What about all those poor souls who gave away free time, and effort to help this company, the websites, the external tools, the volunteers, Time, and effort people gave to make this game better with no compensation. Two words: BURN JITA. Your more than welcome to be a chearleader for CCP, and get out your pom poms, but I won’t be reading replies like I didn’t from my last post. If you don’t like propagandrama, and don’t like grinding your a** off just to grind your a** off don’t play EVE.
P.S See you on mars, oh wait there is no mars in EVE, because that would make a whole lot more sense then this latest garbage update. *You’re


I would advise adding a second highslot to a yacht so it can use a nullifier in addition to covert cloak, it still wouldn’t make the ship better than it was before the changes. Also I wish that nullifier subsystem on T3Cs would give passive nullification, without the need to fit a nullifier module as well. Otherwise we now have a bunch of T3C pilots stranded in space or station because they don’t have the module and I don’t have a problem with bubble immunity on T3C remaining the way it was because they are right now the most expensive ships that can fit the new module.


Why the hell does the Interdiction Nullifier module have a drone bandwidth penalty? That penalty is not listed in the feedback topic nor the patch notes nor the announcement.

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Regardless of the changes, the way in which CCP threw this out the door is very CCP.

The interdiction nullifier has the same bugs that existed and were reported on Sisi relating to the cooldown timer disappearing once you’ve jumped through a gate. A very unhelpful bug.

Also, don’t just drop a patch like that. There’s a massive war going on with a lot of scouts and cloaky intel going on. Because the market wasn’t re-seeded with BPO’s, no one had time to adapt. The same applies for explorers now stranded in deep null.

A bit more communication would have been nice and fixing the patch before release is always nicer


you can align and then activate WCS

Even if the Helios is such a ugly ship i guess he will need one more high-slot ! You can’t fit cloack/nullifier/probe launcher so he is pretty bad atm … CCPLZ

Mike, has there been much talk about T3C’s between you/@Brisc_Rubal and the other CSM’s? Does seem to feel like the nerf hammer has been consistently applied to these ships.
I don’t have the big picture view of ‘all of Eve’ but it does seem like what was once a great option for a solo or small gang PvP/PvE pilot is becoming more and more of a white elephant (overpriced and ineffective).

This latest update isn’t the end of the world as we know it IMHO, but it does change the gameplay style significantly for some of us. Just curious if the T3C’s are gonna be getting some love again any time soon?

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