Bored with EVE markets. Wanna talk real markets?

I’m pretty bored with the EVE markets. They are just maker-taker markets with little volatility and it’s very easy to identify a winning spread and market pvp until you’re on top.

I was wondering if we can just talk actual markets.

TSLA for instance is as bearish as it comes…

Shorting it was the right decision this time.

Look at this.

The intraday 5 min is weak. 20 EMA is moving below 50 on the fibbonacci for each low to high tend.

What that suggests is that the highs are really high for very little impact on the 20/50/100 EMA ceiling.

Or that is to say bulls are paying a premium to try and raise the price. It is a high-resistsnce up trend meaning it can’t last in the short term.

It keeps hitting new highs on resistance which is normally bullish for a breakthrough, but the weakness in the EMA movement is a contraindication.

The 1 Month is already upside down. The 20 is below the 50 is below the 100.

This indicates bearish trend on TSLA.

Despite bullish candles, very little movement in the 20EMA.

And the candles are pulled down or squeezes into low hammers (see next pic) by too many sellers.

For this candle to be bullish its body must be above the 38.2% but it’s not so it indicates weakness.

The 3 month is even worse. Really bad actually.

For this ceiling to be broken a price movement should appear to have shot through the 20 into the 50 and even past the 100.

It did no such thing at all. It barely moved into the 20 at all.

Historically this indicates a correction. 5-10%

TSLA is a weak bear stock right now. Ready for a correction before a bounce. At least for next 3 months.

Wanna talk real markets?

Nope! Not at all.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

My prediction is to buy into DIS. It’s indications are it will make a breakthrough and a run. Probably 11% before resistance.

ABBV is in same bear position as TSLA. You can ride DIS until it reaches resistance and by then ABBV should be at support and will check if indications are it will be bullish.

Not DAT?

I’m a very literal person. If DAT isn’t a ticker symbol I can only assume you mean no data?

I have data on DIS.

It’s not the only equity in that bottom-bullish indicator. It’s just one of them.

The data is the same as given for TSLA.

Review the 20/50/100 EMAs and know how to evaluate strength/weakness with them.


This is a video game forums.

Im sure there are forums out there for real economists and real investors in real world things.

You can have a discussion there, with them.

What’s there to talk about in the games markets? Oh that’s right…nothing. the game conversation in general is rather boring. Top threads…warp stabs suck. Ok…next?

But these are my people. Should we launch a crypto coin called Isk?

OOPE is where this belongs

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Why dont you go to the right forums section, for one?

This is general discussions. There is a section that discusses markets, you know.

These are not your people. Your people includes your mother and yourself. Thats it.

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Why do you think it matters? Oh it doesn’t lol.

Oope maybe.

It clearly matters to you a great deal. Or you wouldnt have come over here to talk about it.

And if it matters to you, then it matters to me. Because I care about other people. Im a nice guy you see.


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In B 4 economy crashes.

Translation: I just lost a bunch of money on the EVE markets and am salty so I want to post off topic things to distract myself because I have no friends to engage in discourse with.

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I’m up on eve markets lol.

Oh it’s you Scoots. You’re actually dumber than shjt

Where do you see indicators of economic recession?

Recession indicators lol how about depression biggest in Eve history, bearing down upon us poor capsuleers. We need carrots and lots of em.

Ah I’m not talking about the game

Neither am I.

What are your indicators of a coming recession?