Bounty Contracting LTD. Lowsec PVP corp recruiting USTZ

Bounty Contracting LTD.

Active Member Corporation of alliance Shoot First.

Things we offer-

  • Alliance Fleets (Subcap and Capital)

  • Corp Activities such as Mining, Industry, PI, and of course PVP

  • WH Activities

  • Small Gang Roams

  • Black Ops Fleets


+Discord – used for social activities and coordination within the alliance

+Teamspeak - Must have a working headset and be willing to hop on comms

  • Active PVP – Mining, PI, and other isk making activities are fine but must be capable of joining combat fleets

  • Willingness to learn – we don’t expect you to be some elite pvper but do need pilots who are eager and interested in learning and growing in all aspects of PVP

  • 10m Skillpoints

Sidenotes: Actively recruiting for US time zones however RL does come first always.

Any questions Mail BombTymer in game or hop into our Public discord channel and we can have a chat.


Daily Bump we are still recruiting and looking for active USTZ players

Daily bump still recruiting and looking for more active dudes

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