Bovril bOREers Mining Co-op - Shoot Rocks. Mine Blood


(Alice Adraer) #21

Give riiiiiise to the post!

(Alice Adraer) #22

Come fly your Supers and Rorquals with us!

(Alice Adraer) #23

Up up up! EU has been growing for us lately, would love to grab a few more! Come krab so we can build up to go kill some other alliance soon together!

(Alice Adraer) #24

We need bogans!

Come on Aussies!

Big AU TZ rush, we’ll be pushing posts more in AU TZ coming soon.

(Alice Adraer) #25

Hey AU! We want you!

(SlightKerfufle Nardieu) #26

bump for the aussie’s

(Millard Audene) #27

I know this predates your joining the Imperium, but this is your best video in my opinion.

(Alice Adraer) #28

That’s my favourite too actually. Probably because the film itself is actually really good… haha

(Mitchellion Saroir) #29

bump for AU. Bovril is recruiting!

(Dusty 3allvalve) #30

If I would be of interest to the corp please send a message in game. You look good to me but then again I can only research so much from my phone at work :wink:

(Alice Adraer) #31

We got you.

This place is terrible for notifications so it’s really easy to miss replies. To anyone else reading, please make sure to reach us via the methods noted above. Replies here take time sadly.

(Alice Adraer) #32


Things we’re really looking for:

AU pilots of all kinds. Our AU is growing and we’d like to add to the momentum.


Fax Pilots!

As always, we will consider all pilot applications seriously.

(Mitchellion Saroir) #33

Another AU bump but all are welcome.

(SlightKerfufle Nardieu) #34

join up and get sweet npc titan kills

(Alice Adraer) #35

We just handed out a round of decorations to all those who completed The Hunt!

Join up today for glory!

(Alice Adraer) #36

We just reopened recruitment after having it closed for the holidays and new year!

(Alice Adraer) #37

Recruitment is open again!

(Alice Adraer) #38

Here we go!

(Liya Niorm) #39

Here we gooooooooooooooooo! bump

(Cloudspitos) #40

I am happy to be here.