✱ Bovril bOREers Mining Co-op - Shoot Rocks. Mine Blood

My name is Alice Adraer and I am the Recruitment Director for Bovril bOREers Mining Co-op. We are New Eden’s most storied industrial corporation and we are currently looking to add new pilots to our roster.

About us:
We’re an active and welcoming industrial & PVP corporation.

Bovril has always been an industrial corporation who doesn’t stand down when faced with aggression. We don’t stand idly by while reds run amok in our systems, and we meet all confrontation head on. We’re an industry focused, active PVP corporation who enjoy building the ships we blow up.

We are proud members of Goonswarm Federation and we are based out of Delve, a region in the south-western part of null sec space.

Zkillboard: Bovril bOREers Mining Co-op
Content: A typical mining fleet…

What we do:
:black_small_square: Moon and anomaly mining operations.
:black_small_square: Capital and Subcapital manufacturing.
:black_small_square: Reactions.
:black_small_square: Ratting.
:black_small_square: Small, medium, and large scale PVP.
:black_small_square: Black Ops (Blops).
:black_small_square: SOV defense.
:black_small_square: Structure bashes.

What we offer:

:black_small_square: A fun, and stable corporation, with no drama.

:black_small_square: Strong leadership with a wide array of skills and abilities.

:black_small_square: Buyback. We have a buyback program where you can sell ore, modules, ships, salvage, corpses, and almost anything you can produce in Eve.

:black_small_square: Comms. We offer Discord for mobile and text chat, and use Mumble for voice.

:black_small_square: Ship Replacement Program (SRP), our alliance offers a comprehensive ship replacement program.

:black_small_square: ISK For Fleets. Qualified Fleet Commanders have the opportunity to earn ISK for their efforts. Our alliance also has very good FC training program if that is something you’re interested in.

:black_small_square: Community. Bovril is, at it’s core, a group of friends playing Eve together. Comms are active, fun, and classy (for the most part :wink:, haha). We work together to build our infrastructure and maintain the backbone that allows all of our members to enjoy Eve as they see fit.

:black_small_square: NullSec. We have ratting, exploration, moon and anomaly mining, planetary interaction, and a full industrial capital system with access to good local markets.

What we are looking for

:black_small_square: Players with 2+ accounts. 20m SP minimum main, and at least one 10m+ SP alt.
:black_small_square: A positive and friendly attitude. We like to mess around and don’t give two shits about killboards.
:black_small_square: Active pilots who utilize voice comms, forums, and our discord regularly and who contribute to our community.
:black_small_square: No Poors. You must be financially self-sufficient.
:black_small_square: Participation in corp/alliance events and PVP.

Contact information:


If you’re interested in speaking with us further, please contact one of our recruiters or join our Discord.

Contact information:

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We’re still looking for new people!

Still looking to recruit some new people!


I have 24.5mil skill points. mainly indy pilot but would like to get into some pvp. never got into solo pvp but fleets are always better. are you still looking for people?

Love that video

Bump… so I can find you later.

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@Kuullian_Aideron We definitely are! I saw your application come through the other day but have been away for the weekend. Make sure to contact one of the recruiters next time you’re online!

We’ve got some big action coming up! Come blow ships up with us!

Hey Alice,

Are you guys still recruiting? Or have I just missed it?

Hey @Brendan_Pontus , we are definitely still recruiting!

Bovril goes to war!!


Recruitment is still open!

We’ve added some great people lately. Come join!

We’re especially looking for EU and AU players. We’re growing really fast in those time zones, and we’re hoping to keep the momentum going! Of course we’ll accept qualified players from all TZ!

Still looking for players from all TZ, especially EU/AU!

We just won a war!

Come krab and make some ISK so we can deploy again!

Great corp close knit and always willing to help each other out

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Peacetime is the best time to join up! Krab, make ISK, and fuel the war machine so we can go blow our enemies up!

We can take you higher!

We are always recruiting!

Why stop?

Come Make Isk you could only dream about in Hi-sec.

The best part about Bovril is someone always has your back.