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This ain’t yo mamma’s industrial corp…

:small_orange_diamond: BOVRIL bOREers Mining CO-OP is one of New Eden’s most storied industrial corporations. We are an active group of veteran’s who focus on PVP with a strong industry backbone. We are proud members of Goonswarm Federation, which is based in the Delve region of nullsec. We are 50/40/10 US/EU/AU, and our alliance provides content in all time zones.

In our 6+ years of history, we’ve endured all the ups and downs Eve Online has to offer. We’ve lived in lowsec, we’ve lived up north, we’ve lived in Futzchag and Providence. We’ve always adapted and changed as Eve needed us to, and that trait has helped us grow stronger. Eve is changing rapidly, and we are looking for players who are creative, capable, adaptable, and who enjoy all aspects of Eve Online.

What we have to offer:

:black_small_square: Fun, no pressure PVP from small corp strategic operations or deployments, to large scale alliance fleets and and bloc warfare.

:black_small_square: A stable corporation with veteran leadership that are consistent in the game and can help you succeed.

:black_small_square: Corporation buyback program where you can sell ore, modules, ships, salvage, corpses, and almost anything you can produce, find, or steal in Eve.

:black_small_square: Community; we are active on Discord for mobile and text chat, and use Mumble for voice. We’re not classy or any of those other buzz words, but we are all friends who have a damn good time and we work together to build our infrastructure and maintain the backbone that allows all of our members to enjoy Eve as they see fit.

:black_small_square: Ship Replacement Program (SRP), our alliance offers a comprehensive ship replacement program and the corp is capable of carrying it’s own weight here as well.

:black_small_square: Qualified Fleet Commanders have the opportunity to earn ISK for their efforts. Our alliance also has a very good FC training program if that is something you’re interested in.

:black_small_square: NullSec. We have the best ratting, exploration, moon and anomaly mining, planetary interaction, and a full industrial complex with access to fantastic local markets.

What we are looking for

:black_small_square: Omega pilots, no SP minimums, but must be capable of taking instruction and criticism.

:black_small_square: People with good senses of humor, who don’t take the game too seriously but are capable of applying themselves to succeed.

:black_small_square: Active pilots who utilize voice comms, forums, and discord regularly to contribute to our community.

:black_small_square: Must be eager to participate in corporation and alliance PVP operations.

:black_small_square: Well rounded players who have an interest in all aspects of Eve, from PVP to industry.

:black_small_square: No Poors. You must demonstrate the ability and or drive to be financially self-sufficient.

:black_small_square: We are willing to take on newer players as our capacity permits.

Eve is a PVP game, and industry is a means to an end. We thoroughly enjoy industry, however we build stuff so we can make our enemies cry out in horror. We don’t build stuff so you can get space rich and never do anything with the ISK. Straight up no PVP krabs will be overlooked.

Contact information:

If you’re interested in speaking with us further, please join our Discord <-click here

Great stuff

We need fresh Blood :slight_smile:

We need more fresh blood :slight_smile:

I would just like to take a minute to invite everyone to the grand re-opening of our recruitment thread! <3 We are still looking for fresh blood!

Recruitment still going!!!

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We have just reopened recruitment!

We are still recruiting!

Up we go! Still looking for some good people to join!

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ok… i am going to contact you… oh it is 10am here, i am at work… may be 8-10hours later

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Want to mine some blood? Recruitment is open