✱ Bovril bOREers Mining Co-op - Shoot Rocks. Mine Blood


(Mineral Molester) #41


(Alice Adraer) #42

Recruitment is open again!

(Alice Adraer) #43

Join us before some big war breaks out and we gotta shut the doors again!

(Alice Adraer) #44

Upppppppppppp we go!

(SlightKerfufle Nardieu) #45

shoot rocks and speak junk on discord, what more could you want

(Alice Adraer) #46

There is a lot of yammering on discord…


(Alice Adraer) #47

Get itttttt

(ktown Hekard) #48

Bump for free cookies.

(Alice Adraer) #49

We’re still recruiting.

Feel free to ask any questions you might have.